Zagnut vs Clark Bar

I often get asked about the differences between classic candy bars like Zagnut and Clark Bars in my candy store. Unsurprisingly, these two candy bars are often compared, as they both feature a peanut butter center and have been around for decades.

However, there are some distinct differences between the two that are worth exploring. So, if you need clarification about which one to try, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! 

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the unique qualities of Zagnut and Clark Bars.

What Are Zagnut Bars?

Zagnut bars are made up of a crispy and crunchy peanut butter center that is coated in a generous layer of toasted coconut.

Zagnut Bar

Zagnut bars are a true classic in the candy world. 

These candy bars were introduced in the 1930s by the D.L. Clark Company and have been a fan favorite ever since. 

The peanut butter center of a Zagnut bar is a unique blend of sweet and savory flavors. 

It has a distinctive nutty taste that perfectly complements the crunchy texture of the bar. 

The peanut butter filling is made with high-quality ingredients that are carefully blended to create a smooth and creamy consistency.

The toasted coconut coating is what sets Zagnut bars apart from other candy bars. 

The coconut flakes are toasted to perfection, bringing out their natural sweetness and nuttiness.

This creates a delicious contrast with the salty peanut butter filling inside the bar. 

Zagnut bars are perfect for those who love the combination of peanut butter and coconut.

They are also great for those who enjoy a crunchy and satisfying snack.

You’re missing out on a true classic if you haven’t tried a Zagnut bar. 

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What Are Clark Bars?

Clark bars are made up of a crispy and crunchy peanut butter center that is coated in smooth and creamy milk chocolate.

Clark Bar

Clark Bars are another old-school candy bar that has existed since the early 1900s. 

They are candy produced by the Boyer Candy Company and are loved by candy enthusiasts worldwide.

The center of a Clark Bar is made up of a crispy peanut butter mixture similar to a Butterfinger candy bar. 

The peanut butter center is made from high-quality ingredients, including roasted peanuts, sugar, and corn syrup, which are carefully blended to create the perfect texture and flavor.

The outer coating of a Clark Bar is a smooth and creamy milk chocolate that perfectly complements the peanut butter center. 

The milk chocolate is made from premium quality cocoa beans, which gives it a rich and indulgent taste.

Their unique combination of textures sets Clark Bars apart from other candy bars.

The crunchy peanut butter center is perfectly balanced by the smooth and creamy milk chocolate coating, creating a delicious contrast of flavors and textures in every bite.

Clark Bars are a great choice for those who love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

They are also a good choice for those who enjoy a candy bar with a satisfying crunch.

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What Are The Differences Between Zagnut and Clark Bars?

Outer Coating

While both candy bars feature a peanut butter center, the outer coating is the main difference. 

Zagnut bars have a layer of toasted coconut, which gives them a unique texture and flavor.

Clark Bars, on the other hand, are coated in milk chocolate, which gives them a smoother, creamier texture.


Another difference between the two bars is the size.

Zagnut bars are typically smaller than Clark Bars, being 1.75 ounces compared to the 2.1 ounces respectively.

Hence, Clark Bars are a little more substantial, making them a great choice for a more indulgent treat.

What Are The Similarities Between Zagnut and Clark Bars?

Crunchy Peanut Center

Despite their differences, there are a few similarities between Zagnut and Clark Bars. Both bars feature a crunchy peanut butter center, which is the star of the show. 

Classic, Nostalgic Bars

They’re also both beloved classics that have been around for decades, which speaks to their enduring popularity.


So, which one should you choose? It really comes down to personal preference. If you’re a fan of coconut, then Zagnut bars are the clear winner. If you’re more of a chocolate lover, then Clark Bars might be more up your alley. 

But why choose? Try them both and see which one you prefer!

Ultimately, Zagnut vs Clark Bar is a tough battle to call. 

Both of these candy bars are delicious and have their own unique qualities. 

Whether you’re a fan of coconut or chocolate, you can’t go wrong with either one. 

So go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth – you deserve it!

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