Why Is My Chocolate Fountain Not Flowing?

Alert! Alert! The Chocolate Fountain is not flowing. This is a true state of emergency, ladies and gentlemen. Your guests have been looking forward to this all week. Let’s be honest, they probably only turned up because they’d heard you had a chocolate fountain put in place. So, if your chocolate fountain isn’t flowing, you’re right to be concerned. But don’t worry, or panic – you’ve come to the right place. Today I’m going to be providing you with all of the information you need to not only put a stop to this issue but also to help ensure that it does not occur again.

So, why is my chocolate fountain not flowing? Your chocolate fountain might not be flowing because of the chocolate you’ve used, there’s a problem with the fountain or both! If it’s a problem with the chocolate that is causing the lack of flow, it means that it hasn’t melted to the right viscosity. If it’s a problem with the foundation, it could be down to it being at the wrong level, temperature or there could be a blockage.

That’s the gist of it.

But let’s break these reasons down further so you can see which one it is for you. Then we’ll be looking at getting it flowing again.

So be sure to stick around!

Reasons Why A Chocolate Fountain May Not Run

Your chocolate fountain could not be flowing for several reasons, including faults with your chocolate, it’s unlevel, the temperature is wrong, or it’s blocked.

As you can see, much can be identified as the problem for your un-flowing chocolate fountain when troubleshooting it.

So let’s go through each of these potential flow-disturbing culprits one by one.

Bad Chocolate

The chocolate you put in your fountain needs to be melted to the perfect viscosity.

In other words, your chocolate needs to be fluid. If it’s not fluid enough, it’s not going to flow and cascade down the chocolate fountain.

The chocolate you have chosen for your fountain will affect this.

If you have chosen luxury Belgian chocolate or chocolate specifically designed for a chocolate fountain, then it’s quite difficult for this to go wrong. 

This is because these chocolates will heat and melt easily and evenly, thus benefiting the flow of your chocolate fountain.

If you are using chocolate that isn’t as suitable for a chocolate fountain, then you run the risk of it disrupting and stifling the fountain’s flow.

Chocolate needs to stay at that viscosity. If it goes harder, then it won’t flow. Which could cause a blockage…we’ll talk more about that in a minute.

Overall, you need to have your chocolate melted to a runny yet smooth consistency that will allow it to flow through your fountain perfectly, without wavering at all.

So not only do you need to get the right chocolate, but you also need to melt it down to have the right viscosity.

Unlevel Fountain

Your chocolate may be perfect, but if the fountain isn’t in the right condition, it won’t run smoothly. 

So your fountain needs to be level at its base. 

If your fountain isn’t level, then the chocolate won’t flow smoothly but it also won’t flow evenly. It will flow predominantly down one side which won’t look good at all.

Wrong Temperature

Your chocolate fountain heats your chocolate. In fact, the basin bowl can even be used to melt the chocolate originally (spare an hour before your guests arrive if you are using this method).

But all the time it is keeping the chocolate at a temperature to help ensure it remains melted. 

If the chocolate isn’t kept at the right temperature, then its viscosity will change. If it’s too cold, then the chocolate will harden, meaning it won’t flow at all.

If it’s too hot, then it will become too runny and the flow will be disrupted. It also may burn, which means it becomes thicker, like toothpaste. This consistency obviously won’t flow properly either.

So you have to get the temperature right to get the viscosity right.


Your chocolate fountain might not be flowing because it’s blocked. 

A blockage can be caused by chocolate that isn’t at the right viscosity to flow properly.

But it can be caused by other things as well.

For example, some foods that guests dip into a chocolate fountain can leave crumbs in the fountain. Biscuits, we’re looking at you here!

These crumbs can then cause a blockage.

So if your fountain isn’t flowing, a blockage may be the reason. So check it out. But I don’t think you can get a plumber in for this job.

How To Get Your Chocolate Fountain Flowing Again

You can get your chocolate fountain flowing again by rectifying the chocolate’s viscosity, checking the motor is on, adjusting the level, clearing any blockages and a good old trick…which I will treat you with today.

You’ll need to match up the solutions below to the corresponding problems you have identified when troubleshooting your chocolate fountain.

You must get your chocolate fountain flowing again. If you ignore the problem, then it could lead to long-term damage.

Rectify The Chocolate

If your chocolate isn’t at the correct viscosity then it won’t flow smoothly.

So you’ll need to alter the chocolate so that it is at the right viscosity. 

You can do this in several ways.

For a start, make sure your fountain is at the right temperature to keep the chocolate nicely melted to the right viscosity.

If the chocolate is struggling, then add vegetable oil. This will help smooth it out. You’ll need to add 25g of vegetable oil for every pound of chocolate you have added into the fountain. Don’t add too much otherwise, the chocolate will become too runny.

The other way you can do this is by adding more chocolate that is properly melted to the right viscosity.

But the vegetable oil method is probably the most convenient. 

Check The Motor

It may sound silly, but do make sure the motor is on.

With a lot of fountains, there are separate buttons for the heater and the motor.

So you may have turned the heater on, which is great because now your chocolate can stay melted.

But you may have missed the motor button.

So go back and check to see if you have actually turned the motor on which powers the fountain to create the cascading flow.

Adjust The Level

As mentioned earlier, a fountain that isn’t level won’t flow properly or evenly. Don’t worry. You can fix this yourself without calling in a chocolate fountain expert. 

Simply adjust the fountain at its base. Some fountains may have a dial here that can be used to adjust the level. However you do it, just get that fountain back so it’s level again.

You may need to go back during the party to check the fountain is still level as jarring motions can cause it to go unlevel again.

Clear Blockages

A blockage may have caused your fountain to stop running. If this is the case, you’re going to need to clear these blockages.

So, unplug your chocolate fountain immediately, once you’ve realised it has stopped working.

Let it cool and then proceed to find the causes of any blockages. Simply unblock them, then turn your fountain back on. 

That way it should start to flow smoothly again.

A Trick

One problem that might spring up with a chocolate fountain is the trapping of air bubbles in the auger cylinder. 

This can disrupt the flow of the fountain, creating a drippy look. Not even perfectly melted chocolate can resolve this.

Instead, you need to turn the auger off and allow the chocolate to flow down.

Then turn it back on. As good as new.

Repeat this process whenever necessary. 

How To Ensure Your Chocolare Fountain Flows In The Future

To ensure your chocolate fountain flows in the future you must choose a good location for it, always melt your chocolate properly, maintain refills and watch out for your guests!!


Location is key. If you place your fountain outdoors, then you run the risk of cool air hardening your chocolate. Which as we know, is a big issue when it comes to the disruption of chocolate fountain flow.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe inside. If placed near a fan or air conditioning unit then the chocolate could be cooled and hardened this way as well.

So you want a location where the chocolate isn’t at risk of cooling too much.

You also don’t want it to be placed where other things can fall into it. Not only would this be disgusting but it could also cause blockages. So again, outside probably isn’t the best place for a chocolate fountain.

Melt Your Chocolate Properly and Maintain Refills

As you know by now, the chocolate needs to be of the right viscosity. 

If you want your fountain to always produce a consistent flow then you need to consistently produce it with the chocolate it needs.

And provide it regularly during the party, so that the flow is strengthened throughout.

Watch Out for Your Guests

By this, I mean lock up the person who keeps eating all the chocolate so the fountain has no flow…

…Only joking. Although that is a possibility.

What I mean when I say watch out for your guests is to make sure they don’t break the fountain.

So keep the fountain’s wires out of the way so no intoxicated guest trips over them and breaks it.

Don’t let them misuse it either. Remember, they’re not supposed to put crumbs in the fountain!

How Long Do Chocolate Fountains Last? 

The average chocolate fountain should last several years, if adequately looked after and maintained. That being said, cheaper models do not typically last as long as professional higher-end fountains.

Ultimately, it will vary depending on the exact type and brand of fountain you have purchased or rented. 

And then there is how you look after it; cleaning, general maintenance, care etc. 

One thing to consider here is that cheaper fountains are not designed to last like their more expensive counterparts.

And the large, vry expensive machines (you typically rent) are often serviced to ensure peak performance.

One other thing to consider here is that some parts may break or need to be replaced in time.

In the cheaper machines it may be cost effective to actually replace the entire unit. 


Hopefully, you now know the cause of your chocolate fountain’s lack of flow.

And hopefully, you now know the solution.

There are plenty of things to look out for.

But it’s all worth it. Because once you’ve got its flow-sorted, a chocolate fountain is to die for!

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