Why Does Cotton Candy Melt In Your Mouth?

It’s amazing how fast cotton candy melts in the mouth. It’s almost instant! But why does it do this and how is it able to remain fluffy and in tact beforehand? Let’s find out, shall we?

So, why does cotton candy melt in your mouth? Cotton candy melts in your mouth due to the reaction between the spun sugar in the cotton candy, the moisture/humidity in your mouth and the enzymes in your saliva. Essentially, the fibers of the cotton candy are being broken down.

In fact, it is the process of the cotton candy absorbing moisture which creates this effect.

It’s why it goes hard too, by the way.

Essentially, all the air that has been spun into the sugar (creating the strands), is removed and the sugar resolidifies (along with the moisture) into a condense matter.

But with water in the atmosphere, you may be wondering at kind of temperature does this all occur, and if there is a way to stop cotton candy melting altogehter.

Let’s found out!

What Temperature Does Cotton Candy Melt?

Cotton candy melts in temperatures upwards of 26 degrees Celsius (or 80 degrees Fahrenheit).

This is why cotton candy will melt if left outside on a hot day, and why it is typically stored in bags in warmer climates.

Of course, if it its left out in the open, outside, it will melt over a period of time.

Not in the mouth.

Well that’s because the average mouth is around 37 degrees Celsius, (or 96 degrees Fahrenheit).

Considerably warmer than then outside, depending on where you live and the time of year of course.

But there is one other factor to consider with your mouth too.

The moisture!

There’s a lot of moisture in the mouth, through your saliva.

Added to the fact that your saliva contains specific enzymes to break down sugar.

An enzyme called salivary amylase breaks down the sugar into smaller particles.

This is why cotton candy dissolves and breaks down if you were to suck it.

How To Prevent Cotton Candy From Melting

To ensure your cotton candy does not melt, you will need to keep it at cooler temperatures and remove exposure to air/humidity.

To do this, the best storage vessel is an airtight container.

You could place it into a Ziploc bag, but its best to remove any excess air first, and ensure it is securely shut.

Better still would be to then place this inside an airtight container. For double protection.

From there you can then look to place in a cool, dark place (preferably in a cupboard).

Alternatively, you could also place it in the freezer.

But ensure that it’s securely shut. Freezers/fridges are naturally abundant in moisture which will ruin your cotton candy if it is exposed.


Why does cotton candy dissolve in water?

Cotton candy dissolves in water due to its hygroscopic nature. It readily absorbs moisture from the air. This moisture then reactions with the sugar in the cotton candy and breaks it down, rapidly.

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