Why Are Haribo Gummies Hard?

Of all the candy in the world, I have yet to hear anyone claim that they are indifferent or repulsed by a gummy. The multi-flavored and multi-colored star of the confectionary world is loved by all, however, there is a divide between those who like their texture to be hard and those who prefer a soft gummy between their teeth. Out of the factory, a lot of gummies come with a hard texture but why? Let’s find out!

So, why are Haribo gummies hard? Haribo gummies are purposefully created hard. It is partly due to the manufacturing process, but it is also due to the storage methods they implement. Although, gummies that remain on shop shelves longer or that are kept in colder temperatures will come out even harder.

As such, it’s partly by design.

But that doesn’t mean that they cannot be made harder during the time from manufacturing to consumption.

Let’s continue to explore the hardness of these delicious little bears.  

Are Haribo Gummies Supposed To Be Hard? 

Gummies are supposed to be a soft and chewy texture that is also slightly tough. However, Haribo makes their gummies harder than others on purpose, favoring the customers who prefer them. That’s not to say that other companies’ gummies are unintentionally hard due to production and storage issues. Trust me, they’re out there.

To attain the right consistency they desire, candy makers need to modify the gelatin and sugar ratio when creating their gummies. 

Haribos, for example, make harder gummies by adding a higher level of concentrated gelatin. 

They are also held back for longer before being sent around the world for gummy fans to devour. 

The longer they’ve sat waiting in storage, the harder they’ll be. 

There is a rumor that a single pack of Haribos has been sitting on a storage shelf for ten years to satisfy a fan with a particular preference for rock-hard gummies….just kidding.

Can You Eat Hard Gummies? 

You can eat hard gummies if you want to, it all comes down to your preference. 

But a hard gummy isn’t going to poison you or break your teeth….unless it was that rumored 10-year-old pack of Haribos.

How To Prevent Your Gummies From Going Hard

The best place to store your gummies is in a cool and dry part of a room.

If you live in a particularly cold climate, then your gummies are going to get hard even if they’re not being kept in the fridge. 

Don’t worry. If you prefer them soft, that’s not a problem as there are ways to return a gummy to its original state again.

We’ll talk a bit more about that later.

It’s important to note at this point that gummies actually last longer without refrigeration!

But if you live in a hotter climate then refrigeration will actually be the best option for you as it will help them last longer.

So let’s get that straight. 

In a colder climate, try to avoid the fridge. 

In a warmer one, the fridge is your gummies’ perfect home.

Soft, hard, or somewhere in between gummies are all perfectly fine to eat. 

There are instances though when it may be best to wave to your gummies without putting them in your mouth afterward.

Gummy Expiration 

Always remember to reseal your gummies once you’ve opened them.

Even a plastic wrapping or an airtight container will do. 

Do this and the longevity will be extensive as gummies don’t so much expire, more so they lose their quality over time. 

They may appear dry or grainy, but you’ll notice the taste change for the worse as well.

It’s just a case of using your head here. If you see your poor gummies with mold, throw them out. 

Although if you’re storing them properly, i.e. not with water, then this shouldn’t happen anyway.

So how long are you really looking at here? Well, a good batch of gummies should last several months after the ‘best before date on the label. 

As long as you of course keep them sealed after opening them!

How Do You Soften Hard Gummy Bears?

Hard gummy bears can be softened by rehydrating them.

If you’re on ‘team soft gummy’ and you’ve found your favorite gummies have decided to get hard for you, don’t worry. 

There’s a way you can calm down again, back to a smooth texture. 

So let’s get into this magical method of….


You can rehydrate hard gummies that have lost their moisture and still keep that delicious taste as they were just out of the pack. 

In doing so, they will also return to a softer texture. Here’s how to do it.

First of all, we can’t bring humans back to life so if you’re gummy is way past its expiration date and has shown signs of spoilage, then I’m afraid it might be past saving.

For those that can be saved, place them in a bowl of warm water. Do not use cold water, this is key! As they may become even harder. 

Once the gummies are in the warm water, give them a stir.

Stirred them yet? Great. NOW LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!…. For approximately 20 minutes.

If you’ve got nothing else to do and you decide to watch them as science works its magic, you’ll notice that they may start to expand. This is because they are absorbing water. 

After approximately 20 minutes, take them out of the water and leave them somewhere clean to dry. Preferably on a paper towel that can absorb the excess water. 

When they’re dry, it’s time to return the familiar taste and texture of soft gummies to your lips. 

Other liquids can be used for this method, even alcohol. Although don’t feed your kids those gummies. The most important thing to remember is that whatever liquid you use, it is warm. 


We all have our preferences for gummy texture.

If your gummies decide to not play ball by turning too hard or soft, depending on your preference, don’t worry. There’s help for the disobedient gummies. 

But if you want to eat hard gummies, Haribo is the company for you.

Gummy expiration is something to take seriously. But let’s be honest here, whose gummies hang around for that long anyway? Mine are already gone by the time I’ve left the grocery store!