Who Makes Starburst?

Are you wondering who is behind the fruity square-shaped soft candy Starburst? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is what you want to know.

So, who makes Starburst? Starburst is produced by the Wrigley Company, an American Multination chewing gum company based in Chicago and the subsidiary of Mars, Inc. Along with Mars chocolate bars and other candy products, Starburst is part of the Mars Wrigley Confectionery range.

These bite-sized taffies have been a popular favorite for decades.

But interestingly, they have not always been called Starburst, as we shall now explore below!

When Was Starburst Invented?

Starbust was invented in the 1960s by Peter Philips (who went by the name of Peter Pfeffer at that time). Although, they were originally named Opal Fruits.

Opal Fruits, you wonder? Well, this name was actually the result of a contest held by Mars to find a name.

Peter Pfeffer, a London-based copywriter came up with the name “Opal Fruits.”, and won £5 for his efforts!

Initially, Opal Fruits were produced in a facility in Slough (in the UK); they were then introduced to the United States market in 1967.

But why did the name change?

Well, the rebranding was a result of trying to align with the US market.

And the name actually was well thought-through.

The name Starburst is in reference to both the flavor provided upon biting into them, along with reference to Space (which was a popular cultural theme at the time – considering the Space Race with the USSR).

One interesting thing to note though was that the UK still retained the name ‘Opal Fruits’ all the way up until 1998 – until they too, adopted the Starburst name to align with the global market.

Since then, the company has expanded these “endlessly juicy” chews in terms of flavor and variations; releasing seasonal products along the way to meet the unrivaled demand of a truly globally adored candy.


Who is the owner of Starburst?

The owner of Starburst is the Mars family, who owns Mars Inc which wholly owns the Wrigley Company.

Do Skittles make Starburst?

Skittles do not make Starburst. However, Skittles are also made by Mars Inc, the owner of the Wrigley Company which also produces Skittles.

Are Starbursts British or American?

Starburst was originally British, although they are currently owned and manufactured by American companies.

What country is Starburst from?

Starburst was originally from England.

When did Starbursts reach America?

Starburst reached America in 1967, when they were introduced to the US market.

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