Who Makes Midget Gems?

Do you love Midget Gems? Wondering what company and manufacturer are behind these tasty, chewy sweets? Well, here is what you are looking for.

So, who makes Midget Gems? Midget Gems are predominantly made by Maynard Bassetts and Lions Confectionary. Although, they are produced by a number of different companies including Glisten Confectionery, independent confectionary companies, and the main supermarket chains produce their own versions, including M&S, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Asda.

If you are thinking about the iconic and popular brand, then it is certainly Maynard Bassetts.

That being said, there are other brands.

Besides, Midget Gems are actually a style and type of sweet.

It’s just that Maynard Bassetts have become the market leader for this particular treat.

Brands Of Midget Gems

Midget gems are made by the following brands:

  • Maynards Bassetts,
  • Lion Confectionery
  • Berryman’s
  • Just Treats
  • Happy Candy
  • Taveners
  • Ellies Jellies
  • M&S/Marks & Spencers (Own-brand)
  • Sainsbury’s (Own-brand)
  • Tesco (Own-brand)
  • Asda (Own-brand)

Among many other unbranded suppliers.


When were Midget Gems invented?

Midget Gems were first invented in 1903 by Lion Confectionery; a Yorkshire-based company.

Do they still make midget gems?

They do still make Midget Gems. There are a number of different manufacturers and suppliers, although some brands have changed their names in response to campaigns by disability advocates surrounding the term “Midget”.

What are M&S midget gems now called?

M&S Midget Gems are now called Mini Gems.

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