Who Makes Black Jack Sweets?

Are you wondering who is behind the iconic aniseed-flavored Black Jack sweets? Well, this is the manufacturer responsible for these delicious treats.

So, who makes Black Jack Sweets? Black Jack Sweets are made by Valeo Confectionary; a British confectionery company headquartered in West Yorkshire and that owns the Barret Brand. Black Jacks were formally produced by Cadbury under the Monkhill Confectionery brand.

With a sweet that was introduced to the market in 1920, it is no surprise that the ownership has changed hands since it was first invented.

And the Black Jack brand was purchased by one of the largest private and independent confectionery companies in Europe (Valeo Confectionary).

With an annual turnover of £150,000,000 and 1500 employees, there is some serious manufacturing power behind these sweets!

Other Sweets Valeo Confectionary Make

Valeo Confectionary also owns and operates the following brands and products of sweets:

  • Anthon Berg – Liqueurs, chocolate creams, marzipan fruits, and specialist chocolate bars
  • Anglo Bubbly Bubble gum
  • Barker and Dobson – Mints, Mint Humbugs, Everton Mints
  • Barratt Black Jacks, Bruiser, Candy sticks, Sherbet Fountain, Dip Dab, Catherine Wheels, Dolly Mixture, Jungle Mix, Dew Drops, Flumps, Frosties, and Fizzy Frosties, Fruit Salad, Gums, Jelly Babies, Milk bottles, Milk Teeth, Nougat, Refreshers, Refreshers Gums, Refreshers Roll, Mini Eggs.
  • Jamesons – Caramels, Chocolate peanuts, Chocolate brazils, Chocolate raisins, Raspberry Ruffles
  • Lion – Fruit Salad, Fruit Pastilles, Licorice Gums, Wine Gums, Sports Mixture, Midget Gems
  • Mojo Chews – Lollies, jellies
  • Princess – Marshmallows, Marshmallow smoothies
  • Sharps of York – Toffee, Fudge
  • Smith Kendon – York Fruits
  • Squirrel – Cherry lips, Floral gums
  • Hobo’s – Liquorice Chews With Fruit Sides
  • Taveners – Coconut Mushrooms, Toffee/Strawberry/Lemon Bon Bons, Eclairs, Rhubarb and custard, Fruit pastilles, Mint humbugs, Wine gums, Assorted licorice, Jelly Babies, Red and black gums, Blackcurrant and licorice, Toasted teacakes, Chocolate limes, American hard gums, Lemon and strawberry sherbets, Dolly mixture

Where Are Black Jack Sweets Made?

Black Jack sweets are made in a number of factories owned and run by Valeo Confectionary. Factory locations include Blackburn, Blackpool, Cleckheaton, Liverpool, Pontefract, and York.


Where do black jacks come from?

Black Jacks were invented by Trebor, a family of sweet manufacturers based in the East End of London.

Why are black jack sweets called black jack?

Black jack sweets got their name from a combination of their black color, along with a reference to their mascot (a gollywog) that they used to have on their packaging and that was used to advertise them. This was later dropped due to the racist connotations associated with this toy.

Do Blackjacks contain liquorice?

Black jacks do not contain liquorice, despite having this particular flavor.

How old are Black jack sweets?

Black Jack sweets are over 100 years old. They were invented in 1920.

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