Where To Buy Candy Floss Sugar

Are you keen to start making your own candy floss? Perhaps you’ve even been given a candy floss machine as a gift. Well, regardless of why you are here, you need some candy floss sugar, right? But where can you get it? Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to learn it’s not too difficult to find as you may think.

So, where can you buy candy floss sugar? You can buy candy floss sugar at some of the larger confectionary stores, or specialist candy floss retailers online. Equally, you can tend to find it on online eCommerce platforms such as Amazon.

The truth is, the best place to get this particular item is online.

For me, I am actually a huge fan of getting it off Amazon.

That’s because, as you’ll soon see, you have quite a lot of choice when it comes to brands, colors and flavors!

How Much Does Candy Floss Sugar Cost?

Candy floss sugar can cost as little as £3.99 (per pack), all the way up to £25-£30 for bulk buy or specialist brands.

For instance, if you are buying candy floss sugar that is imported from the United States, chances are you are going to be paying a slight premium.

Then you need to consider delivery costs and all the other potential costs an order may incur.

Generally, it is better to buy in bulk as you tend to save on a per item basis and can keep delivery costs to a minimum.

Best Places To Buy Candy Floss Sugar

The best places to buy candy floss sugar are specialist confectionary (sweet stores), and online.

You do want to ensure you are buying flossing sugar specifically, and sugar designed purposefully for candy floss machines.

You’ll notice it is much better than using regular granulated sugar and flavorings/dyes, even if it can be done.

For me, the best shops that sell candy floss sugar are:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Specialist online eCommerce sites (e.g. popcornandcandyfloss.com, wonderlandfood.com, or flossytreats.co.uk).

There are many more online retailers too.

Just be sure to do your due diligence on each company before ordering and be sure to compare prices too!

That’s why I generally tend to stick with Amazon.


Candy floss sugar, also known as “flossing sugar” isn’t actually too challenging to find.

At least online.

I do not believe the large supermarkets stock it, and not all independent sweet stores do either.

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