What Is Nougat Candy? 

I remember nougat candy fondly from my childhood was something that my grandfather always used to buy for me, every Friday.

So it is something that I have always been familiar with.

But I understand you may not have had the same experiences as me. Instead you might have just come across it and are wondering exactly what it is, and what it tastes like?

Well today, I am going to be breaking down everything there is to know about nougat candy, from its various forms to taste, typical ingredients and the best brands on the market!

What Is Nougat Candy?

Nougat is a soft chewy and dense candy made mainly from sugar, honey, egg whites and nuts.

Nougat candy is a sweet confectionery treat that dates back to ancient times, with origins in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. 

It has since become a popular dessert in various cultures and cuisines around the world, each putting their unique spin on this delightful confection.

Nougat is a versatile candy that comes in various forms and flavors, from the soft and airy white nougat to the denser, chewy nougat found in many popular chocolate bars. 

Its primary ingredients include sugar, honey, egg whites, and nuts, though variations and additional ingredients may be added depending on the type and regional preferences.

As an example, vegan nougat, emits the egg whites and certain other ingredients (like honey), too.

What Does Nougat Candy Taste Like?

Nougat candy is typically rich and dense, though the flavor varies by nougat brand and the ingredients used. Some are more savory, whereas others have nuttier notes. It can be softer or chewier depending on the nougat and how it is stored.

The taste of nougat can vary depending on the ingredients used and the specific type, but it generally has a rich and satisfying sweetness with a subtle hint of honey. 

Most Nougat candies include chocolate too, so you often get that rich, smooth taste aswell.

If nuts are used, expect a pleasant crunch and added depth to its overall flavor.

What Is Nougat Candy Made of?

Nougat’s main ingredients include sugar, honey, egg whites and nuts. It does contain other ingredients in smaller measurements and some brands will have different recipes compared to others.

The basic ingredients of nougat include sugar, honey, egg whites, and nuts (usually almonds, hazelnuts, or pistachios). 

However, variations exist based on the type of nougat, regional preferences, and individual recipes.

Some nougats might also contain additional ingredients like dried fruits or chocolate.

As such, some nougat is certainly healthier than others!

How Is Nougat Made?

Nougat is made by whipping egg whites to form a stiff, airy meringue. This mixture is then combined with a sweet syrup made from sugar and honey, which has been heated to a specific temperature to create the desired consistency. 

Finally, the nuts are added, and the nougat is molded and cut into desired shapes.

What Are The Different Types of Nougat Candy?

There are three main types of nougat candy – white nougat, brown nougat and chewy nougat.

Throughout history, nougat has evolved into various forms, taking on different flavors and textures. Here are the three primary types of nougat you’ll come across:

White Nougat

Also known as “Torrone” in Italy or “Turrón” in Spain, this type of nougat is the softest and most delicate, featuring a light, airy texture.

It’s typically made with egg whites, sugar, honey, and almonds or other nuts.

Brown Nougat

Referred to as “Nougatine” in France, brown nougat has a firmer texture and a slightly caramelized flavor.

It’s made by cooking sugar to a higher temperature than white nougat, which results in a darker color and a more pronounced taste.

Chewy Nougat

This type of nougat, commonly found in candy bars like Snickers or Milky Way, is dense and chewy, and often has added ingredients like chocolate or caramel.

It’s made by cooking the sugar and honey to a higher temperature, which creates a stickier, more elastic texture.

What Are Thee Best Nougat Candy Brands?

Some of the most famous candy brands are nougat, such as Toblerone and Mars and more!

There are many nougat brands on the market, each offering unique flavors and textures. Some of the best and most popular nougat brands include:

  • Toblerone: While this popular brand of nougat is delicious, it also contains a lot of sugar and calories. One serving of Toblerone (three triangles) contains 190 calories and 21 grams of sugar.
  • Milky Way: This American brand of nougat candy bar is made with high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavors. It’s high in sugar and calories, and contains few beneficial ingredients.
  • Mars Bar: This classic candy bar contains nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate, and is high in calories, sugar, and unhealthy fats.

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Nougat candy is a rich and indulgent treat.

And better still, it comes in quite a few different varieties and flavor profiles, and has a really unique texture.

As a lifelong nougat lover, I can’t help but appreciate the incredible versatility and delightful taste of this confectionery gem.

So I would strongly advise you try some, if you haven’t already!