What Is ABC Gum?

Have you heard somebody mentioning ABC Gum? Wondering what on Earth they are talking about? Is this a type of gum, even? Well, here is what you are going to want to know. And you’ll be pleased you checked!

So, what is ABC Gum? ABC gum is “Already Been Chewed gum – gum that has already been in somebody else’s mouth and has been chewed – whether once, or multiple times.

Gross right?

Or is it?

I actually know somebody who has sensitive teeth and always asks for her friends to chew it for them first.

She’s getting ABC gum.

Already been chewed.

Not so fresh, though.

NSF gum anyone?

But I suppose this would apply to other contexts too.

Gum found under a desk or stolen from somebody else’s mouth when kissing.

These are two examples that spring to mind.