What Candy Has Toffee In It?

As a fellow lover of toffee, I understand the magnetic allure that draws you to this complex sweet.

There’s a certain magic in the way toffee’s buttery richness, caramel undertones, and hint of salt unite, producing a unique flavor profile that is simply irresistible.

If you’re on a quest to find the most tantalizing toffee candy bars to satisfy your craving, then you’re in the right place.

Join me as I pull back the wrappers of some of my favorite toffee-infused treats and reveal the tastes and textures that make them so beloved.

What Candy Has Toffee In It?

Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs

Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs Toffee Candy

First on our tour of toffee-infused confections is the quintessential Cadburys Chocolate Eclair.

As one unwraps this British treasure, the anticipation is palpable.

The first bite reveals a milk chocolate heart encapsulated within a glossy shell of soft, chewy toffee. It’s like experiencing a warm embrace from the inside out.

The toffee is sweet and slightly buttery, with the chocolate providing a wonderful counterpoint.

It’s an intimate dance between two flavors, performed in your mouth.


Poppets Toffee Candy

“What candy has toffee in it?” you might ask, and Poppets offer a unique answer to that question.

These bite-sized treats feature a soft toffee center enveloped in a layer of chocolate.

There are currently four different flavors in the range:

  • The classic: Poppets Chewy Toffee Covered in Milk Chocolate
  • Poppets Dark Choc Mint Creams
  • Poppets Orange Creams Covered in Milk Chocolate
  • Poppets Salted Caramel Fudge

Each morsel delivers a delightful chew, with the rich, creamy toffee blending perfectly with the chocolate’s subtle bitterness (and other accompanying flavors)

It’s a symphony of textures and flavors that echo comfort and indulgence.

Heath Bars

Heath Toffee Candy Bar

For our next toffee candy, we hop across the pond to the United States for the classic Heath Bar.

It’s a thin slab of hard English toffee cloaked in a veil of milk chocolate.

The toffee within has a distinctive flavor – a rich butteriness that’s imbued with a slightly burnt, caramelized sugar taste.

When bitten into, the toffee shatters into delightfully crunchy shards that intermingle with the creaminess of the chocolate.

It’s a textural sensation that screams decadence in every bite.

Skor Bars

Skor Toffee Candy

This candy bar is a sister product to Heath Bars, but it presents a unique taste experience.

Skor Bars feature a harder, more brittle slab of toffee enrobed in a rich coat of milk chocolate.

The toffee’s flavor is deeply caramelized, nearly bordering on bitter, but that’s balanced beautifully by the smooth, sweet chocolate.

The result is an addictively crunchy, sophisticated treat that satisfies the grown-up sweet tooth.

They’ve been on the market ever since 1981, and thankfully, they still make Skor bars!


Toffee serves as a remarkable testament to the magic that happens when sugar, butter, and a little culinary alchemy come together.

Each of the toffee candies we’ve explored today – Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs, Poppets, Heath Bars, and Skor Bars – have their unique personality, but they all have been able to take this sweet confection, and bring it to market as a delicious candy.