What Are Chick-O-Sticks?

If you’re new to the world of candy, it’s only normal to come across those that you’ve never heard of before. One such candy that might have piqued your curiosity is Chick-O-Sticks.

So, if you’ve just heard about Chick-O-Sticks, seen them on store shelves, or been told about them by a friend, allow me to give you the lowdown on what they are, what they’re made of, and what they taste like.

Let’s dig in!

What Are Chick-O-Sticks?

Chick-O-Sticks are a crunchy peanut butter and coconut flavored candy. As the name suggests, they are cylinder in shape and longer than they are wide.

Chick-O-Stick are available in 0.35-ounce (9.9 g), 0.70-ounce (20 g), 1.0-ounce (28 g), and 1.6-ounce (45 g) sizes, as well as bags of individually wrapped bite-sized pieces.

They have been around for over 70 years, first introduced in the 1950s.

What Are Chick-O-Sticks Made Of?

Chick-O-Sticks are made from a delicious blend of toasted coconut and roasted peanuts. The mixture is then rolled into a crunchy, candy-coated stick.

The full ingredient list is as follows:

Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Peanut Butter (Contains Fresh Ground Dry Roasted Peanuts, Salt and Preserved with Vitamin E to Maintain Freshness), Toasted Coconut, Turmeric Color, Vegetable Juice Color, Natural Vanilla Flavor and Palm Kernel Oil.

What Do Chick-O-Sticks Taste Like?

Chick-O-Sticks have a unique flavor -a combination of toasted coconut and roasted peanuts gives them a sweet and savory taste. 

The candy coating adds an extra layer of sweetness that makes them hard to resist. 

Overall, Chick-O-Sticks have a crunchy texture and a delicious flavor that’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Who Makes Chick-O-Sticks?

Chick-O-Sticks are made by the Atkinson Candy Company, which is based in Lufkin, Texas. 

The company was founded in 1932 and has been making delicious candy ever since. In addition to Chick-O-Sticks, they also make other classic candies like Peanut Butter Bars and Mint Twists.


Well, that’s all I have for you today. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Chick-O-Sticks. 

If you’ve never tried them before, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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