Toxic Waste vs Warheads • Which One Is Sourer?!

There have been many great battles witnessed in our world across the centuries. But now it’s time for one fight between two of the dominant powerhouses of the…sour candy world! Today we will find which is the undisputed champion of the sour candy world once and for all. We’ll be looking at their different flavors, sizes, packaging, and even any other contending candies that might put up a challenge of their own. 

But for now, it’s time to meet our competitors.

In the blue corner, we have Warheads Sour Candy! 

And in the red corner, we have Toxic Waste! 

So, for all of my readers reading from around the world, let’s get ready to rumbllllllllleeeee!

What Is The Difference Between Toxic Waste and Warheads?

Toxic Wastes and Warheads are different in many ways, from their packaging to their sourness to their taste and variety of flavors. 

They do have similarities though in terms of size and flavors though.

So there are a lot of characteristics that differ between these two candies. One thing that they do share in common is that they’re incredibly sour.

They do also share some similarities, but on the whole, these are two candies that differ quite substantially. 

So let’s get into those characteristics. Starting with…

Flavor Variety

Both these candies are sour, and sour is a unique taste in itself. The sour taste is created by adding lots of acids, particularly citric acid, to these candies when they are made.

These acids activate the sour taste receptors in our tongues once ingested.

However, once you get through the initial layer of sourness, both these candies treat you to a much more palatable taste.

The flavor you get at this point is the actual flavor of the candy because, as mentioned, sourness is a flavor in itself.

So what flavors do Toxic Waste and Warheads share? Both candies offer the following ranges:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Green Apple
  • Black Cherry
  • Watermelon

That’s a fair few. Although it should come as no surprise, especially when you consider that flavors like Lime and Lemon are archetypal sour flavors.

Most of the flavors that Toxic Waste shares with Warheads can all be found in their yellow drum packages. We’ll talk more about the drums of Toxic Wastes in a moment. 

Likewise, Warheads’ core range of original flavors is also the ones seen on that list. So those flavors are obviously particularly popular as sour candy.

So what flavors do they not share? Ok, let’s take a look at Toxic Wastes’ other flavors.

From Toxic Waste’s purple drum, you will find the following flavors not shared with Warheads:

  • Grape
  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Black Cherry

From Toxic Waste’s green drum, they have the following flavors not shared with Warheads:

  • Kiwi
  • Melon
  • Green Pear

And finally, from Toxic Waste’s red drum, they have the following flavors not shared with Warheads:

  • Red Pear
  • Cranberry
  • Raspberry
  • Red Grape
  • Strawberry

So there are a fair few flavors that Toxic Waste offers that Warheads don’t offer. But the same is also the case when you swap things around.

Here are some additional flavors Warheads come in (often quite inventive ones) that are not shared with toxic Wastes:

  • Cherry-lime
  • Orange-pineapple
  • Mango-melon
  • Lemon-berry
  • Strawberry-grape

You’ll have noticed that flavors like strawberry and grape were also on Toxic Waste’s flavor list. 

But it is the combination of multiple flavors that offers something different in terms of taste compared to the ranges of Toxic Waste.

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Now let’s talk about the differences in sizes, starting with the actual candy itself.

And this is where Toxic Waste and Warheads share another trait because they are both small circular colorful candies about the size of a lozenge (which is a cough sweet). 

Or a minstrel; that’s another good size comparison if you know what they are.

Where the two candies differ in terms of size is when it comes to how many are sold to you at once.

Warheads generally come in 2-ounce plastic bags. Each bag is filled with approximately 16 wrapped Warheads.

Whereas when it comes to Toxic Waste, they are sold in packs, or should we say drums, that contains approximately 14 wrapped Toxic Waste. 

So the difference is slight, but it’s still a difference.


Time to talk about the packaging of these two candies now, and the difference here is stark.

Remember, we are talking about the main packaging these candies come in. The packaging they are known for. 

Both companies have added different ranges of products for their respective brands of sour candy. But right here, right now, we’re talking about the packaging they’re known for.

To be honest with you, there isn’t anything too memorable about the packaging of Warheads. They come in plastic bags adorned with the Warheads logo.

If you don’t already know, it’s a picture of a man’s face being blown away, presumably after eating a piece of Warhead’s sour candy.

And I mean, literally blown away by an explosion. There’s a kind of mushroom cloud above his head. Again, presumably caused by him eating a piece of Warhead’s sour candy.

Then there’s the packaging of Toxic Waste, and some would say this is actually iconic.

Toxic Waste is sold in a little drum which gives it that authentic look of being genuine Toxic Waste.

The drum also has warning signs to add to that authenticity but also to give a genuine warning that the candy is incredibly sour.

The original drum was yellow, but as you now know, having seen the flavor lists above, there are various colored drums as well.

These are the green drum, the red drum, and the purple drum. The color of the drum should align with the colors of the different flavors it contains.

Please note that each individual piece of candy in each packaged product comes in a plastic wrapper as well.

Are Warheads Or Toxic Waste More Sour?

Toxic Wastes are sourer than Warheads.

Now to talk about what I am presuming is the main reason you came to read this article today. Which of these candies wins in a battle of sourness??

Well, let’s go live ringside to get the judge’s official decision.

And the winner of the sourest candy is…Toxic Waste!

Yes, that’s right. It’s second to none. Now you know why there are warnings on the packaging.

Warheads do take the second spot, but they’re still no match on the sour-o-meter to challenge Toxic Waste.

No other candy on the market will make you cringe and grimace upon contact with your tongue as much as Toxic Waste.

But how is this case? What has Toxic Waste got that Warheads don’t? 

It all comes down to the acidic ingredients used in the production of these candies.

Warheads certainly use acids in their production, but not as much as Toxic Wastes.

Toxic Waste particularly uses a serious amount of citric acid. So much that it can damage your teeth and other parts of your mouth if you consume too many in too short a period of time.

Now, the acid, as you know, is what causes the sour flavor. Because it is the acid that activates your tongue’s sour taste receptors.

The more acid on your tongue, the more these sour taste receptors go off!

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Do Warheads and Toxic Waste Taste Similar?

Warheads and Toxic Waste taste fairly similar when it comes to the initial layer of sourness, but after that, they will vary.

We must remember that there are two tastes at play here. The first is the sour taste. Now, as we all know by now, sourness is a taste in itself. It only really varies in terms of intensity.

As we know, Toxic Wastes are sourer than Warheads, which means they are more intensely sour tasting than the latter.

However, the actual taste of sourness is very similar. After all, they are using the same ingredients to create that sour taste. This ingredient is various types of acid.

Once you’re through that layer of acid and sourness, you can then enjoy whatever flavor is lying underneath. This is where the two candies will vary in terms of taste.

Sure, a lemon Toxic Waste candy and a lemon Warheads candy may taste similar because they’re both lemon!

But there will be subtle differences for you to note as, after all, they will be using different recipes to achieve these flavors.

Other Candies Similar To Warheads and Toxic Waste?

There are plenty of sour candies like Warheads and Toxic Waste, but none are as sour.

It would seem that humans love to put themselves through the challenge of sour candy. 

To meet this demand for sour candy, many candy-makers have made sure that they put out products on the market for us to enjoy.

There isn’t a sour candy on the market that can compete in terms of sourness with both Toxic Waste and Warheads, but there are some that are similar. 

Perhaps you would prefer these candies if you’re after a less sour candy.

Here is a list of other sour candies similar to Toxic Waste and Warheads:

  • Cry Baby Tears, Sour Nerds
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Sour Skittles
  • Taveners Sour Lemon Drops
  • Sour Flush Candy Toilets.


So, when it comes to who is the sour candy champion of the world, Toxic Waste is your answer.

These legends of the game share a lot in common.

But they also say it’s our differences that define us.

Thankfully though, they still make Warheads.

So over to you. Give them a try and see for yourself!

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