Sweets Starting With A

Are you looking for all of the sweets that begin with A? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the complete list for your reference:


Aero is a brand of bubbly chocolate produced by Nestle (originally by Rowntrees).

Aero is sold worldwide, and the product line has expanded in recent years to include a range of various products and variations, including:

  • Aero Regular Bars
  • Aero Chunky
  • Aero Bubbles,
  • Aero Biscuits
  • Aero Mousse
  • Aero Drinks
  • Aero Ice Cream

After Eight

After Eights are mint chocolates also manufactured by Nestle (and also formally owned by Rowntree).

These chocolates are thin in shape and often served after dinner as an aperitif. 

The most popular product in the After Eight range is their thin mints (dark chocolate mind fondants). These are squares of dark chocolate (that come in a small paper casing). 

Although, they also sell a number of other products and variations including Bites (available in pouches) and Mousses (as a dessert).


Altoids are a brand of mints, that are sold in uniquely identifiable metal tins. The brand dates back to the 1780s when they were first created.

There are various flavors and varieties of Altoids, including:

  • Classic Mints – in four flavors – peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, and cinnamon.
  • “Sugar-Free Smalls” – tiny square mints sweetened with sorbitol and sucralose and available in peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon.
  • Altoids Arctic – available in peppermint, wintergreen, and strawberry.

They have also made dark chocolate-dipped mints, sours, gums, and strips in the past but these have since been discontinued.

American Hard Gums

These little cone-shaped hard gum sweets are coated with sugar.

Anglo Bubbly

Anglo Bubbly are individually wrapped soft, pink-colored bubblegum.

Aniseed Balls

These small aniseed-flavored balls are colored red and pack a lot of flavors!

They are best sucked.

Aniseed Twists

A variation of the ball, Aniseed Twists are longer and larger and a brighter red. They are sometimes referred to as cough candy.

Apple Cubes

Cubes of sweet, juicy appleness!

Apple Drops

Apple drops are small hard-boiled sweets often found in pick ‘n’ mix stands.

The ingredients can vary slightly depending on the brand, but they are typically made of sugar, glucose syrup, and apple juice concentrate!

Apple Whips

Long laces of tangy green apple-flavored licorice. They can be chewed or sucked but are not that thick.

Army & Navy Sweets

Traditional hard-boiled sweets, black in color, lozenge-shaped, and tasting of licorice.

They are typically eaten in winter as they taste similar to Cough candy.

Their name likely originated from their popularity with soldiers during the First World War.

Assorted Toffees

Individually wrapped toffees that often come in a variety of forms – including plain chocolate coated, creamy toffee, toffee with a chocolate center (eclairs), and banana split.

So, twelve sweets starting with the letter A in total!

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