Sour Strips Cotton Candy

I have had the pleasure of tasting countless varieties of candy. However, there is one delightful treat that has captivated my taste buds like no other recently: sour strips cotton candy

I found them via social media, and having bought (and tasted) a few bags, would love to share all what I have come to learn about this new and scrumptious candy!

What Are Sour Strips Cotton Candy?

Sour strips cotton candy are sour gummy candy in the shape of strips in a light blue and pink color. The flavor is cotton candy (sweet, fruity, and berry-like).

Like most sour strip candies, they are flat and coated in a layer of sour sugar. 

It’s a unique, delicious experience that is perfect for those who love both cotton candy and sour candies but want to try something new and exciting.

You get 12 strips in each resealable bag. 

Sour Strips Cotton Candy

Who Makes Sour Strips Cotton Candy?

Sour Strips Cotton candy is made by Sour Eats. The brand was launched in 2019.

Based out of California, the brand is immensely popular on social media; due in part to its wide variety of flavors and fruity cartoon characters that you can find on the packaging. 

What Do Sour Strips Cotton Candy Taste Like?

Sour strips cotton candy offers a unique flavor experience that combines both sweet and sour. They are tart, fruity, and chewy in texture. 

Other flavors available include:

  • Appleberry
  • Lemonberry
  • Doubleberry
  • Watermelon
  • Wild Cherry
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Green Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Rainbow
  • Tropical Mango

Where Can You Get Sour Strips Cotton Candy?

Sour Strips Cotton Candy is currently available through the Sour Eats website, the Sour Strips product website, and Amazon.

The company also has plans to introduce the brand more widely, with plans to have them sold via specialty candy stores, gas stations, and markets.

Here is how you can get them on Amazon


Sour strips cotton candy is not your average everyday candy. 

They’re very sour, but they do taste great and have that nostalgic flavor of the funfair!