Snickers vs Kitkat [Two Iconic Candy Bars Compared]

Snickers vs Kitkat. What a tough choice? Or is it if you know exactly what they are and how they differ.

So, that’s what I am going to be doing today.

Comparing these two iconic chocolate bars so that you know for sure exactly which one to choose.

Or at least, which one you will prefer.

So let’s delve into it all, from differences to similarities to everything in between.

What are the main differences between Snickers and KitKat?

The main differences between Snickers and KitKat are to do with their manufacturers, availability, taste, flavors, nutritional value, price, varieties and popularity. 


Our two contenders come from two candy juggernauts.

Snickers hails from Mars Incorporated, a US-based multinational with a vast candy empire.

KitKat, on the other hand, belongs to Nestlé worldwide but interestingly, in the United States, it’s produced by Hershey’s under license from Nestlé.

Taste and Flavors

Snickers combines nougat, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate for a hefty, satisfying bite.

It’s like a meal in a bar – no wonder it’s marketed as a hunger-busting snack!

Over the years, Mars has introduced almond, dark chocolate, peanut butter, and other versions, but nothing beats the original for me.

KitKat offers a contrasting experience. With its delicate wafers enveloped in smooth milk chocolate, it’s light, crispy, and perfect for those who prefer a less dense snack.

And talk about flavors – it’s like a global tour with Japanese KitKats alone, boasting unique flavors like Matcha, Sakura, and even Wasabi!


If you’re health-conscious (like me, wink), the nutrition stats matter.

A standard Snickers bar has more calories and fat compared to KitKat. But it also provides more protein and less sugar.

So, while KitKat is lighter on the waistline, Snickers keeps you fuller longer.


The pricing for these two chocolate giants remains competitively close, with minor fluctuations based on geographical location.

It’s like they know we can’t resist either!


In terms of variety, KitKat has been more adventurous.

Apart from the fun flavors in Japan, there are chunky versions, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and even KitKat Ruby with a unique pink hue!

Snickers, while not as experimental, has stayed tried and true, branching out into ice creams and spreads.


Popularity-wise, it’s a close race.

While Snickers often tops global sales, KitKat has a massive following, especially in Asia.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve found myself deliberating between the two at the candy aisle!

Are There Similarities Between Snickers vs KitKat?

The similarities between Snickers and KitKats are to do with their ingredients, heritage, nature and popularity.

At first glance, you might think that Snickers and KitKat are chalk and cheese. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find some sweet commonalities.


Both Snickers and KitKat are made of similar base ingredients – chocolate, sugar, and milk.

Despite their unique fillings and textures, these are two quintessential chocolate bars that millions across the globe enjoy.


Additionally, both these confections come from families with a rich chocolate-making heritage.

Mars Inc. and Nestlé have over a century of experience in the candy world.

So, whether you choose a Snickers or a KitKat, you’re essentially tasting a bit of history, a slice of the legacy these candy powerhouses have built.

Nature as Break-time Snacks

Another interesting similarity is their positioning as break-time snacks.

While Snickers markets itself as the perfect hunger-busting, energy-lifting treat, KitKat is all about taking a pause, or as their tagline suggests, taking a ‘break’.

So, both brands see themselves as more than just sweet indulgence, but as companions to your busy day.


Most importantly, Snickers and KitKat both hold a special place in our hearts and minds.

They are associated with memories, nostalgia, and comfort.

Whether it’s a Snickers bar shared on a school trip or a KitKat enjoyed during a family movie night, these candy bars are woven into our life stories.

So yes, while Snickers and KitKat are unique in their own right, they share a remarkable resemblance in their mission – to bring a little sweetness into our everyday lives.

It’s this shared purpose, along with their roots in chocolatiering tradition and their role as beloved comfort food, that makes them similar in more ways than one.

Who Would Prefer Snickers over KitKat?

Those who want a blend of textures, filling up, and nuts will probably prefer Snickers to Kitkat.

Preference for Textures

If you’re someone who loves a blend of textures and a balance of sweet and salty in every bite, you’re likely to favor Snickers over KitKat.

Its combination of soft nougat, gooey caramel, crunchy peanuts, and milk chocolate creates a multi-layered taste experience that keeps your palate engaged.

If You Prefer Denser Snacks

Snickers could also be your top pick if you prefer a denser, more filling snack.

This chocolate bar is notably higher in protein, making it a better choice for people looking for a substantial snack that will tide them over until their next meal.

Snickers’ tagline, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” directly speaks to those seeking a satisfying, hunger-quenching treat.

Love A Peanut

Snickers also tends to be favored by people who have a penchant for peanut-based confections.

If you enjoy other peanut candies like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or PayDay, then the peanut element in Snickers will likely appeal to you.

Prefer Traditional Flavors

Finally, Snickers could be your go-to candy bar if you appreciate traditional and consistent flavors.

While Snickers does have variations, it’s best known for its classic, time-tested combination of ingredients.

Those who value reliability and familiarity in their confections would likely lean toward Snickers over the more flavor-adventurous KitKat.

Who Would Prefer KitKat over Snickers?

Those who prefer a smoother and crispy texture, greater taste ranges, a healthier snack and no nuts will probably prefer Kitkat to Snickers.

If You Prefer A Smoother Texture

For individuals who savor a light, crisp texture with a smooth finish, KitKat is the obvious winner.

The wafer-centered delight offers a delicate crunch unlike the dense, chewy consistency of Snickers, making it an ideal pick for those seeking a lighter snack.

Love A Variety Of Flavors

KitKat is also a dream come true for the flavor-adventurous. With an ever-evolving array of flavors, especially in countries like Japan, KitKat allows candy lovers to embark on a taste exploration.

From classic milk chocolate to exotic flavors like green tea, strawberry cheesecake, and even sake, KitKat’s variety is a treat for the curious palate.

Have Dietary Considerations

In terms of dietary considerations, KitKat, being lower in calories, fat, and protein compared to Snickers, could be the preferred choice for those wanting a less calorific sweet treat.

It’s a way to enjoy a bit of indulgence without feeling too weighed down.


Whether you’re a fan of Snickers or KitKat, it’s clear that these two have carved out their niche in the candy universe.

For me, the beauty lies in their diversity.

Some days, I crave the crunchy, hearty satisfaction of Snickers. On others, I yearn for the light, crispy bite of KitKat.

Remember, it’s all about personal preference.

So the next time you’re at the candy aisle, torn between Snickers and KitKat, just ask yourself: “What am I in the mood for today?”

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