Razzles Flavors • All Revealed!

Are you looking for the different flavors of Razzles? You know those delicious candies that morph into chewy gum.

Well you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I am going to be sharing with you all the different flavors, and what packets they are included in!

What Are The Razzles Flavors?

There are twenty-five different flavors of Razzle’s, all available in different products. There are five different flavors per packet, and per product.

Original Razzles

  • Blaze’n Blueberry,
  • Gushin’ Grape,
  • Luscious Lemon,
  • Razzle Raspberry,
  • Tangerine Orange

Sour Razzles

  • Blue Raspberry,
  • Cherry,
  • Lemon,
  • Lime,
  • Orange.

Tropical Razzles 

  • Kiwi-Lime,
  • Pineapple,
  • Strawberry-Bana,
  • Tangerine,
  • Tropical Punch.

Tropical Fizzles

  • Lemon Lime,
  • Strawberry Banana,
  • Blueberry Raspberry,
  • Orange Pineapple,
  • Apple Grape.

What Are Razzles Candy Made Of?

Razzles candy are made of Sugar, Gum base, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dextrose, Calcium Stearate, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Artificial Colors (FD&C Red 40 Lake, Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 5, Lake, Yellow 6 Lake) and BHT (to maintain freshness).

Related Questions

Are Razzles gum or candy?

Ruzzles are both gum and candy. They start as candy, and transition into gum when they are sucked and chewed.

Who makes Razzles candy?

Razzles candy is made by Concord Confections.