Press Release: Sugarstand Acquires Ameila Toffee As Of July 10, 2023 was a dedicated artisanal toffee maker, offering handcrafted toffee make from bold ingredients and old family recipes.

On July 10th, 2023, Amelia Toffee’s site was merged into Matthew is now the current owner and the CEO of

What Did Amelia Toffee Do?

AmeliaToffee was an artisanal toffee brand, established on Amelia Island, Florida, offering a range of unique flavors, from Bourbon Toffee to Coffee Toffee.

The founders had a mission and dedication to making toffee that was truly one of a kind, being made in small batches – ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

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What Does Sugar Stand Do?

Since February 2022, Sugar Stand has operated as an online publication and resource that provides content on everything candy! From Nostalgic Candy to the Best Candies, there is something for every candy enthusiast here at Sugar Stand.

The synergy between the new venture, Sugar Stand, and Amelia Toffee resulted in a successful merger.

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