Nips Candy Shortage [& Where Can You Still Find Them!]

I was recently in the mood to purchase some Nips candy. The trouble was – I couldnt find any.

Literally every retailer I went to relayed the same message: “out of stock”.

Im assuming you’ve seen the same.

Not good.

Not good at all.

Besides, we just want our Nips candy, don’t we,

Well don’t fret. I’ve found a supplier.

But first….

Is There A Nips Candy Shortage?

There does appear to be a Nips Candy Shortage in 2023. Many retailers that often stock these candies do not currently have any available.

But why?

Well turns out, there seems to be an open case against the manufacturer, the Ferrara Candy Company.

All due to the claims made, and what the product tastes like, apparantly.

So it seems that the manufacturer may be limiting supply until this has all resolved…

Where Can You Still Get Nips Candy?

You can still get Nips Candy at various, select retailers (while stock last).

My favorite place to buy Nips Candy is over at Do so, and use my code SUGARSTAND15 and you’ll get 15% off your order.

They have plenty of stock, or so I am told 🙂

Otherwise, you can always check on Amazon (here), and some grocery stores/supermarkets still have them in the candy aisle.

King Kullen, Stop&Shop and Uncle Guissepi’s are three of note that have been reported to have stocked them.


Will the low stock and availability of Nips candy last forever?

Who knows.

Perhaps just some flavors will be limited.

Or maybe once the case is concluded they’ll be more widely available.

For now, head over to OldTimeCandy. It’s the place to get them, trust me.

Just remember they are now sold under the Brach’s name.

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