All About Lifesavers Candy!

With nearly one hundred years of history, it’s no wonder that LifeSavers are an American classic. From their distinctive ring shapes and fun fruity flavors packed in a convenient roll, LifeSavers have made their mark on the world.

LifeSavers were made as a summertime alternative to chocolate.

Chocolate candy maker Clarence Crane understood that the heat of summer tended to affect his sales because chocolate melts when it gets too hot.

In order to boost his sales, he created a mint called “Cranes Peppermint LifeSavers”.

Most mints at the time were imported from Europe and were square in shape. The round shape of Crane’s mint was inspired by the life preservers used on ships to rescue people who fell overboard.

In addition, Crane had seen a pharmacist using a pill-making machine to make round, flat pills.

Crane used a similar machine to make his mints and punched a hole out of the center to give the candy a life preserver look.

Within a year, he sold the rights to the candy for $2900 to Edward Noble.

While that may have been a large sum at the time, the new manufacturer of LifeSavers went on to earn millions of dollars.

Renamed, Pep-O-Mints LifeSavers were wrapped in tinfoil in order to prevent them from going stale.

Noble used clever marketing techniques including promoting his candy for a nickel on countertop displays near cash registers at locations such as barber shops, saloons, drug stores, cigar stores, and restaurants.

Noble asked the cashier to give each customer a nickel in their change regardless of what they had purchased.

As a result, many customers used their nickel to buy a roll of LifeSavers.

Today, you can get the flavors from last century as well as some new and exciting ones for the new millennium.

Old time favorites include Pep-O-Mint, Wint-O-Green, Five Flavors, and Butter Rum. Today’s choices include sour flavors, gummy versions, Orange Mint, and Fruit Splosions with a liquid center.

You can get Life Saver Minis, Fusions, and Creme Savers.

The list of available flavors is extensive.

Whether you like mints, cinnamon flavors, tropical flavors, fruity flavors, or sour flavors, browse our selection for the ultimate candy with a hole in the middle

You can get the original rolled package or you can order your LifeSavers in convenient bags.

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