Laffy Taffy vs Airheads • The Ultimate Comparison

It’s comparison time again. And today’s subjects of investigation are Laffy Taffy and Airheads. Now, if you’re familiar with both of these candies, then you will be aware that they both belong to the ‘Taffy’ subcategory of candy. Taffy, a US-invented candy, is made by stretching out a mass of soft candy until it is aerated and becomes light, fluffy and chewy. 

But not all Taffys are the same. 

So, today we’re going to look at the difference between these two giants of the Taffy world. But we’ll also be looking at their similarities. 

We’ll even help you decide which one might be best for your sweet tooth needs. So now it’s time to find the answers.

What Are Laffy Taffys?

Laffy Taffys are a fruity and chewy taffy candy made in the US.

Laffy Taffys is a very popular US-made wrapped Taffy candy. They were originally manufactured by a candy company called Beich Candies back in the 70s.

In the 80s, Nestle came to the table with an offer and acquired Laffy Taffy. From then, they were manufactured under the Willy Wonka brand.

Yes, that’s right. Willy Wonka even had a go at producing these delicious candies in his factory.

These days Laffy Taffy is owned and made by The Ferrara Candy Company who is an Italian chocolate company,

They’re a pleasure to eat both in terms of their chewy textured strips and their fruity flavors.

But perhaps the main reason they are so popular is that they last a long time. This is down to how chewy they are. 

There are plenty of different types and flavors of Laffy Taffy on the market for candy lovers to enjoy. Particularly Taffy candy lovers.

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What Are Airheads?

Airheads are an American brand of Taffy candy with a strange texture that is squidgy and play-doh-like.

Airheads are a relatively young candy. That doesn’t mean they were invented yesterday or last year.

In fact, they were invented in 1985, which in candy terms is quite young when you consider Jawbreakers have been around since the 1800s.

Perfetti Van Melle is the company behind them. An Italian-dutch company, but make no mistake, these candies are produced in the US of A. All the way down in Kentucky!

They’re made by pressing and shaping the candy mixture through a series of molds and rollers before being trimmed to look like those famously recognizable bars.

They, too, just like Laffy Taffy, come in a variety of delicious flavors. But what Airheads are famous for are their vibrantly colored candy aesthetics. The damn things are just so alluring.

They’ve shot up to the top of the Taffy market, becoming arguably the people’s favorite for nearly 40 whole years.

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What Is The Difference Between Laffy Taffy and Airheads?

The main difference between Laffy Taffy and Airheads is their texture. But there are also differences with regard to flavors, size, and packaging.

So a few differences to get through. Let’s make a start, shall we?


Although they are both Taffy candies, there is a significant difference between the two candies in terms of their textures.

Laffy Taffy is a much softer candy and is often therefore seen as easier to chew.

Whereas Airheads are slightly chewier and tougher to get through.


It is worth noting that Airheads generally leave a more sour taste than Laffy Taffy does.

There are some flavors that these two giants of the Taffy candy world share. 

For now, we’re going to be focusing on the different flavors each range possesses.

Let’s start by talking about Laffy Taffy’s flavors.

Laffy Taffy Flavours

Different ranges of Laffy Taffy candy will come in different flavors.

For example, the flavors on offer for their ‘Minis’ range will come with a slightly different selection of flavors than their ‘Stretchy and Tangy’ range.

Here is a list of Laffy Taffy’s flavors catalog, but only with the flavors that are not shared with Airheads kept in:

  • Banana
  • Sour Apple
  • Wild Blue Raspberry
  • Sparkle Cherry 

Yes, that’s not too many flavors, is it? That’s because most of the flavors are shared with airheads.

But before we find out what these shared flavors are, let’s take a look at the unique flavors of Airheads.

Airheads Flavours

Here is a list of Airheads’ flavors catalog, but only with the flavors that are not shared with Laffy Taffy kept in:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Orange
  • White Mystery
  • Green Apple

Again, not a lot of flavors. So stick around to find out what the rest of Airhead’s flavors are when we discuss the similarities between these two Taffy candies.


Once again, we’re going to talk about the two Taffy candies separately whilst working out their differences in size. 

It’s worth noting that all of the Taffy candies discussed today, whether they’re Laffy Taffys or Airheads, can be purchased as single items, in bags, or even in bulk buy boxes.

So let’s get started by looking at…

Laffy Taffy Sizes

The bottom line is that they’re quite small. 

Each individual wrapped standard original Laffy Taffy is about 1.6 oz (45grams).

But they do have bigger products that are stretched out further to look like sticks.

Airheads Sizes

The bottom line is that they’re quite big. 

A standard original Airheads bar is about 2.5 inches long.

They do have other product lines that are smaller, like their Airheads bites that are as small as M&Ms.


There’s a lot that differs between these two Taffy candies when it comes to their packaging.

Airheads come in these vibrantly colored wrappings, just like the candy bars themselves. 

Their logo is a big red smiling face, and the font used on the packaging is that cool inflatable-styled font similar to the one seen on Tootsie Pops.

Laffy Taffy packaging, on the other hand, is different.

They are colorful but very different font-wise, using a more very stylish one instead.

They also don’t have a logo on their packaging, just pictures of the fruit that inspired the specific flavor for that specific Taffy candy. 

One key feature that is unique to Laffy Taffys is that they have two jokes written on the wrapping of each piece.

So that’s a fun little activity to partake in before you enjoy eating a Laffy Taffy.

The more Laffy Taffys you eat, the more jokes they’ll need to keep writing!

What Are The Similarities Between Laffy Taffys and Airheads?

Laffy Taffys and Airheads share similarities in terms of their flavors and the fact that they are both Taffy candies.

So, not too much to shout about in terms of the similarities between these two Taffy candies.

Let’s go into each key similarity in a little more depth.

Shared Flavors

These two Taffy candies both had their own unique flavors. But they also share popular common flavors.

Here is a list of flavors that are shared between Laffy Taffys and Airheads:

  • Grape
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry

A fair few there. If your favorite flavors are there and you’re wondering whether you should choose, say, a grape-flavored Laffy Taffy or a grape-flavored Airhead, stick around, and we’ll try and work it out for you.

Same Taffy Making Process

Yes, I’m afraid there’s not too much to speak about here when it comes to similarities.

Now, of course, what Laffy Taffys and Airheads share is that they are both Taffy candies.

Remember, Taffys are made with a specific process. This involves stretching out a sticky base of soft candy that consists of butter, boiled sugar, vegetable oil, and flavorings and colorings. 

It is stretched out until it becomes aerated. This means there are tiny air bubbles produced.

The end result is a candy that is chewy, fluffy, and light. Known as a Taffy.

So both Laffy Taffys and Airheads are Taffys, which means they both go through this process of stretching and aerating.

Of course, their manufacturing processes will differ to some extent. After all, they’re different candies in terms of taste and texture.

But what they do have in common is that process that will turn them into Taffys.

Who Would Prefer Laffy Taffy?

Those who prefer a less chewy Taffy would prefer Laffy Taffys to Airheads. Also, those who aren’t so keen on sour tastes would prefer Airheads.

Laffy Taffys are softer and less chewy than Airheads. 

So, if you’re someone who prefers an easier chewing task, you will probably prefer Laffy Taffy.

Sourheads also have a bit of a sour tang to them, whereas Laffy Taffys don’t. So if you’re not too keen on anything that tastes sour, I would also suggest that Laffy Taffy is the one for you.

Who Would Prefer Airheads?

Those who prefer a more chewy Taffy would prefer Airheads to Laffy Taffys. Also, those who are keen on sour tastes would prefer Airheads.

The same rules apply, just in reverse.

Like really chewy candies with a sour tang? Pick the Airheads.


There you have it. The Battle of the Taffys.

Like so many of these battles, we find that the two giants in the candy world have their differences but also their similarities. 

If you fancy something less chewy and sour, Laffy Taffy is your Taffy.

If you want a big task for your teeth and something a little sour, then I’d say go with an Airhead!

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