Is It An Egg In Haribo Starmix?

The white and yellow ‘object’ in Haribo Starmix has come under a lot of scrutiny of late. Is it an egg? Is it a flying saucer (or UFO). Well, you’ll be pleased to know I’m here to finally settle the debate for good. With evidence. Here is what you’ll be very pleased to find out.

So, is it an egg in Haribo starmix? It is an egg in Haribo Starmix, as confirmed by the Haribo brand directly. They are not supposed to be UFOs/flying saucers as some rumours have alluded too (even if they do look like them!)

I can see why the rumour started to take hold.

Besides, this is “Starmix” after all.

And there is a bear in a space rocket on the packaging. It would make sense…

But it all did break down for me when somebody tried to convince me the gummy bear was an astronaut.

Too far.

Too far indeed.

But back to the egg.

And it is an egg.

Dont just take my word for it.

Here is a screenshot taken directly from the Haribo website confining as such:

What Are The Sweets In Haribo Starmix?

The sweets in Haribo Starmix are bears, rings, fried eggs, heart throbs and cola bottles. There are 5 different sweets in this product in total.



They are eggs in Haribo Starmix.

Dont even get me started on the Tangfastics key debate either.

Besides, I cleared that up too:

Is It A Key Or A Dummy In Tangfastics? The Debate Settled!


Are Haribo eggs actually flying saucers?

Haribo eggs are not flying saucers. They are eggs, as advertised and as confirmed by Haribo.

What flavor is Haribo eggs

Haribo eggs are lemon flavored.