How To Make Vodka Gummy Bears Not Slimy • And Why They Do •

I love candy. But I adore alcoholic candy, particularly the classic combination that is vodka gummy bears. These alcohol-enthused delights are a delicious treat to enjoy at any time of the day…except perhaps in the morning. Maybe you were just about to go and enjoy one but were devastated to discover that they’ve gone slimy. Perhaps you’ll enjoy that texture. But if you don’t want your vodka gummy bears to be slimy, don’t slip away just yet! We’re going to help you solve this issue so you can enjoy your vodka gummy bears once more.

So, how do you make vodka gummy bears not slimy? To prevent your gummy bears from going slimy, you should prepare, store and preserve them in a cool and dry place. If they do happen to go slimy at any point, then you can simply leave them to dry. After all, they are slimy due to moisture accumulating on their surface. 

In other words, the way to get rid of the sliminess is to dry the moisture, just like you would with anything else that got wet and slimy.

But there is certainly a way to do it properly and some best practices to consider.

As we shall soon see below.

But before we do that, let’s take a look at why they go slimy, to begin with.

Besides, we don’t want this becoming a regular occurrence, do we?

Why Do Vodka Gummy Bears Go Slimy?

Vodka gummy bears go slimy if you leave them out in a hot place, meaning they’ll melt and effectively leak moisture. They’ll also go slimy if they have sat soaking in too much alcohol for too long a time, too.

Left In The Heat

You’ll notice earlier that I mentioned the way to cure vodka gummy bears from their sliminess is to store them in a COOL and dry place. Cool is the key word here. 

Because funnily enough, vodka gummy bears are like normal bears. If they get hot, they sweat. In this case, they sweat vodka. 

That’s because the heat is melting them. And yes, your vodka gummy bears can melt completely, so where you place them really does matter.

If you leave them in a hot place, no matter whether it’s wet or dry, your vodka gummy bears will go slimy. 

So, HOT is slimy; COOL is not slimy.

Too Much Vodka Exposure

The other cause of vodka gummy bear sliminess is very much unrelated to the first. This cause involves the gummy bears being exposed to too much vodka for too long.

Because, yes, funnily enough, vodka gummy bears are like normal bears. Too much vodka is bad for them! 

A fundamental stage in the vodka gummy bear creation process is the soaking of said gummy bears in said vodka. 

If you leave your gummy bears in the vodka well past the recommended time, then they will absorb too much alcohol. Those silly alcoholic gummy bears!

Vodka is a liquid, after all, so if the gummy bears are full of vodka, then the excess amounts will just lay on their outer surface, resulting in a vodka gummy bear that is very slimy. 

Vodka slime, you could call it.

So, it’s probably best not to forget about those gummy bears you’ve left to infuse with vodka. 

Unless you want super slimy and super drunk vodka gummy bears!

On the other hand, you need to give your gummy bears enough time to become vodka gummy bears. 

If you try to eat them too quickly, then they will be slimy. This is because they haven’t had enough time to absorb the vodka around them.

How To Prevent Vodka Gummy Bears From Going Slimy

You can prevent vodka gummy bears from going slimy by keeping them in a cool and dry place even during preparation.

So now we know the causes of vodka gummy bears going slimy. It’s time to delve into the solutions.

Location is key.

If you leave your vodka gummy bears somewhere that is hot; perhaps where they are exposed to heat and light, then they’ll leak moisture and/or melt. That’s what causes them to go slimy.

So you should prepare and store the vodka gummy bears somewhere that is cool and dry.

This way, they will struggle to accumulate that layer of vodka moisture slime on their skin.

The fridge is obviously a good place to store your vodka gummy bears. Here, they’ll be kept lovely and cool but also dry, which is of vital importance. They’ll also be protected from any flies that stumble upon your sugary and alcoholic concoction in the making.

Even once the process of infusing the gummy bears with the vodka is complete, you’ll still need to keep them stored in a cool and dry place as heat, as we know, can cause moisture to build.

If they do go slimy at any point, don’t panic. 

You can get them back to their original state by drying them off. 

This would require the same solution. Simply store them in a cool and dry place, but diligently this time. 

Otherwise, you’ll be trying to dry these gummy bears for the rest of your life!

Other Best Practices When Making Vodka Gummy Bears

Many additional methods will help you create the most enjoyable vodka gummy bears. These involve storage conditions, serving techniques, obtaining the right ingredients, and any necessary re-hydration.

Storage Conditions

As we’ve discussed, the place we decide to prepare and preserve our vodka gummy bears is so crucial. We need somewhere that is cool and dry to avoid sliminess. 

But there are other conditions that need to be met to ensure our vodka gummy bears are an enjoyable experience.

You need to allow your vodka gummy bears to dry with space between them.

So providing them with a location/container that affords them this space is desirable.

If vodka gummy bears are left to dry together, then they will stick to one another. Whilst that’s the end of the world, it’s not ideal. 

So let your vodka gummy bears have some space from one another. 

Also, whilst storing vodka gummy bears in a fridge is good as it’s a cool and dry place, it also keeps them nice and fresh! 

And as we know, the fresher the gummy, the tastier it is in your tummy.

Never overfill the bowl the gummy bears are in with vodka. 

They do have a capacity that can be filled, so the excess vodka will just sit in the bowl, potentially going to waste…unless you decide to slurp it up.

A bonus tip is to do with how you position the gummy bears. 

It involves comprehensive exposure to dry air.

Stand each gummy bear upright for one segment of the total drying time. 

Then switch the positions of the gummy bears by laying them down on their backs.

By doing this, you will help dry the vodka gummy bears out thoroughly.

You will also help shrink the vodka gummy bears a bit. Why is this helpful? Well, it actually led to the improvement of the vodka gummy bears’ texture by making them nice and chewy!

Serving Techniques

Up until now, this article has looked to demonize slimy vodka gummy bears. 

But the reality is that there are many, many people out there who, in fact, enjoy their vodka gummy bears when they are slimy.

The problem is that they can give you sticky fingers!

So, an excellent way to serve slimy vodka gummy bears is by using those tiny wooden cocktail sticks. 

These are great for parties, which are often where you’ll be enjoying alcoholic candy. 

Even if you’re just enjoying them on your sofa alone (don’t worry, I’m not judging), then it’s still convenient to use these little sticks to help pop the vodka gummy bears into your gob. 

The Best Ingredients

The better your ingredients, the better your vodka gummy bears will taste.

In the case of making vodka gummy bears, we have two ingredients. 

These are Vodka and Gummy bears.

So getting the best brands for these two ingredients will help ensure you get the best-tasting vodka gummy bears. 

I would recommend Haribo for the gummy bears and Absolut for the vodka.


We’ve talked a lot today about your vodka gummy bears getting too wet and slimy. But the opposite can also happen.

If your vodka gummy bears get too hard somehow, then you can re-hydrate them. 

You do this by softening them in a bowl of hot or warm water. This can take up to 20 minutes.

But the result is vodka gummy bears that are once again nice and soft to chew on.


The mystery of why your vodka gummy bears go slimy is no longer a mystery. 

You now know that it was all your fault. You had been storing them somewhere that was unsuitable.

But now you know this, and you also know how to keep them nice and dry.

But creating the perfect vodka gummy bears doesn’t stop there.

Plenty can be done to enhance the flavor, texture, and overall pleasure of these innovative delights that I…yes…I think I will go and make a batch now.

Oh, one last thing, do consume with caution.

Vodka gummy bears may appear adorable, but they’ve got the alcohol in them to pack a punch! 


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