How To Make A Great Candy Necklace

Are you looking to make a candy necklace? Not sure of what you need and then what you need to do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s tutorial will walk you through the entire process!

Why You Should Make Candy Necklaces

One of those great pieces of nostalgia from childhood, and many adults fondly remember these wonderful pieces of edible jewelry.

For parents who wish to pass along these great memories, there is no better way than sitting down as a family and making a batch of wonderful candy chains.

One of the great things about making your own necklaces is that you are free to use the type of candy you like the most.

Children of all ages love to make these sweet treats and making fun jewelry can be a fun craft project, or a great birthday party activity as well.

Best of all, creating a wonderful candy necklace is not as difficult as you may think.

By simply following the instructions outlined below, you and your kids can create a wonderful set of edible jewelry.

How To Make A Candy Necklace

Step #1– Gather the Supplies

Creating a batch of wonderful necklaces is not difficult, but it is important to gather the materials you will need before you get started.

In order to create your candy jewelry you will need the following items:

  • Enough thin ribbons to make necklaces for every child (keep a few extra on hand as well)
  • Plenty of soft candies
  • Gumdrops
  • Cookies (if desired)
  • Curling ribbons
  • Plastic craft needles
  • A selection of small bowls

Gathering these supplies before you get started will make things go much more smoothly, so be sure to lay everything out before the party guests arrive.

Step #2– Choose Your Candies

The choice of candy is of course critical to the construction of a proper candy necklace.

It is important, for instance, to choose soft candies in order to make threading them on to the neck jewelry easier. Gumdrops and similar soft candies work wonderfully.

Step #3– Prepare the Candies

After the candies have been chosen, the next step is to carefully poke a hole through each piece, using a plastic needle.

If you want to include some hard candies in the project, the hole can be poked through the wrapper instead.

Step #4– Create the Necklace

The next step is to cut a piece of ribbon long enough to easily slip over the child’s head.

This piece of ribbon will become the candy necklace.

Step #5– Thread the Candies

After the candies have been chosen and prepared, the next step is to carefully thread them on to the ribbon that has been prepared.

To begin, carefully thread the needle with the piece of ribbon. Lay out the candies in separate bowls, separated by shape, size, and color, and allow each child to thread those candies onto his or her own candy jewelry.

This allows each child to show off his or her creativity and helps to ensure that no two candy necklaces will be the same.

Step #6– Finish the Masterpiece

After all the candy has been threaded onto the ribbons, the only thing left to do is tie the ends of the ribbon together to create the finished candy chain.

If desired, a cookie can be tied to the middle of the necklace for a more festive, and more delicious, look.


This type of project can be a great deal of fun for kids and parents alike, and making candy necklaces is a great way to pass the time on a rainy day, celebrate a child’s birthday, or just have fun as a family.