How To Make A Candy Buffet For A Wedding

If you want to make your wedding different from the rest, a wedding candy buffet instead of a traditional cake is what you need! But how do you make one? Well, that’ll be the topic for today.

So, how do you make a candy buffet for a wedding? You can easily make a candy buffet yourself by placing a variety of popular candies in separate clear glass containers. From there, ensuring scoops are available and individual bags accessible will ensure all guests can get the sweets that they desire.

If this sounds like too much, you can easily hire someone else to do this on your behalf. There are outside companies that specialize in these kinds of things. But it will cost you.

Chances are, that’s why you’re here.

But why would you want one, how do you pull one together yourself and how do you display it?

Let’s take a closer look, shall we!

The Case For A Candy Wedding Buffet

Not everybody likes cake, and with that said, you can potentially be wasting hundreds of dollars on wasted cake that not everyone will eat.

However, if you do a wedding candy buffet, you can choose a variety of wedding candies that everybody likes so that all can enjoy in the buffet.

Wedding candy buffets can also be a lot cheaper than cakes since the candy is often less expensive.

Wedding candy also lasts longer so there can be enough for everybody to indulge in some and even go back for seconds and thirds.

You can easily get wedding candy that matches your wedding colors so that it matches the décor of your wedding.

The best type of wedding candies that are really big hits are Jordan Almonds, that consists of almonds covered with candy coating that come in a variety of colors.

A classic form of dragée, they are often used as wedding favors due to the “bitter” almonds and the “sweet” sugar representing bittersweet married life.

How To Make A Wedding Candy Buffet

In order to make your own buffet, here are some helpful hints to make your special day, even more special that your guests will remember with delicious candy treats.

Consider Style

Figure out how you would like your candy buffet to look.

Browse the web for pictures of others to give you more ideas. Look for unique vases, glasses, colored plastic bags, etc.

You can buy these vases in your wedding’s colors or buy them clear at local craft shops or on the webs.

Make sure to take into consideration the width of the mouth of the vases so that your guests can easily put their hands in and get the candy from scoops for easy access.

Decide On Candy

Next, you will have to figure out what type of candy you will want to include in the wedding candy buffet.

Candies like Jordan Almonds are always a great choice, but you can include a variety of chocolates, mints, hard candies, gum, etc.

You can easily buy your candy of choice in bulk from our online candy store.

The key to this is making sure you have enough candy for all your guests. Having more than enough is always better than running short, so plan accordingly.

Get Candy Scoops

You can get these at kitchen supply stores.

You don’t need one for each vase, but it is wise to have a couple so that more than one person can have access to the buffet.

Guests can also use their hands to grab individually wrapped ones, so but the scoops out for those that are not wrapped.

Use Cellophane Bags

Buy small cellophane bags so that your guests can easily store their chosen candy in.

Just make sure there is enough for each guest, so buying more is a good idea.


To make it more personalized, you should write a thank-you note.

Keep it short and simple, but be sure to thank your guests for helping you celebrate your special day. You can buy small note cards or make them on the computer.

Slip the notes into each candy bag so that they are already in the bag when your guests grab them.


If you want, you can decorate each of the vases with ribbons and the like to match your wedding colors.

Select a matching tablecloth for the table you will have the candy buffet on with all your wedding candies.

How To Display Your Wedding Candy Buffet

You can display the wedding candy buffet in numerous ways.

One popular way to have it displayed in clear glass containers. This will allow the wedding candies to show through.

You can even provide little, monogrammed pouches that have the wedding couples’ initials on them for all the guests to stash their candy in and take it back to their table or home with them.

A candy buffet can look amazing if done right and will surely be a big hit with all the guests since it is different and unique.


And that is how you make a beautiful and scrumptious buffet.

You can easily do it on a budget and by yourself, so to save some money to spend on other things like flowers and the like.

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