How To Hide Candy From Kids – 10 Foolproof Ideas

Today we’re going to indulge in a little secret mission: hiding candy from our little sugar monsters (aka our beloved kiddos). 

Don’t worry, we love them to bits, but every now and then, we need a little secret stash of our own, am I right? 

So, let’s get stealthy and dive into the world of top-secret candy stashes! 

Here are my top ten ways to hide candy from kids:

  • In a book
  • In a repurposed container
  • In an old coffee mug/cereal box
  • In your home office
  • On high shelves
  • In a (clean) sock,
  • In an old pencil case,
  • Create a decoy,
  • (Sealed) in a plant pot,
  • (Sealed) in the freezer

The Great Book of Secrets 

Transform a plain old book into a sweet safe haven for your candy. Hollow out the pages, place your scrumptious treats inside, and voilà!

You’ve got yourself a super sneaky candy stash. Choose a book that’ll blend into your bookshelf, maybe something like “The History of Tax Law” – nobody’s gonna touch that one!

Candy Chameleon 

Disguise your candy like a master of deception! Purchase or repurpose containers that resemble everyday household items (think cleaning supplies, canned veggies, or flour containers).

Just make sure the kiddos don’t accidentally mix up your “dish soap” with the real deal.

Hidden in Plain Sight 

Sometimes, the best hiding spots are the ones you never think of. How about stashing your candy in an old coffee mug or a cereal box?

Nestle it amongst the chaos of your pantry and let the camouflage do the rest.

Pro tip: stash it in that one vegetable the kids won’t ever touch.

The Forbidden Chamber 

If you have a walk-in closet or a home office, take advantage of those off-limits areas!

Make it your secret candy lair, filled with your favorite sugary delights.

Just remember to keep a straight face when you’re sneaking in for a quick nibble.

The Mysterious High Ground 

Kids might be small, but they’re crafty. However, they can’t reach those high shelves, now can they?

Use this to your advantage and create a lofty hideaway for your candy.

Warning: you might need a step stool or a friendly giant to access your stash.

DIY Diversion 

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not create a fake candy stash as a decoy?

Fill a jar with some less appealing treats, like raisins or sugar-free gum.

Then, watch with glee as your little sugar bandits fall for your cunning trick.

Sock It to ‘Em! 

Why not hide your candy in an old, mismatched sock?

Roll it up, place your treats inside, and tuck it away in the depths of your sock drawer.

Just make sure to keep it separate from your actual socks, so you don’t end up with a lint-covered lollipop!

The Green Thumb Trick 

Use your love for plants as a creative candy concealment tactic.

Place your candy in a small, sealable bag, and bury it gently in a potted plant’s soil.

Make sure to mark the spot with a discreet identifier, so you can easily locate your treasure. Just be careful not to disturb your green friends!

Treasure Chest in the Freezer 

Stow your candy away in the chilly depths of the freezer.

Simply place your sweets in a resealable bag or container, label it as something mundane like “frozen spinach” or “ice packs,” and nestle it among the other frozen goods.

The kids will never suspect a thing, and your candy will stay fresh and cool.

The Secret Chamber of Craftiness 

If you have an arts and crafts area at home, consider hiding your candy amongst the supplies.

Store your sweets in empty paint or glue containers, or even sneak them into an old pencil case. With all the colorful chaos, your candy will blend in like a sweet chameleon.


There you have it, my fellow candy fanatics! 

A few tricks up your sleeve to keep those prying hands away from your personal candy stash. 

Remember, a little sugar for ourselves keeps the crankiness away! Until next time, keep living life on the sweet side! 

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