How To Get Marshmallow Out Of Hair • 5 Simple Solutions!

Have you got yourself in the slightly awkward, and somewhat concerning predicament, of marshmallows being stuck in your hair? Not where you imagined you would be before you tucked into the bag right? Nevertheless, here are some quick and simple solutions to help you remove it without damaging or losing any hair in the process!

How To Get Marshmallow Out Of Hair

You can get marshmallows out of hair with either hot water, steam certain hair cleaning products or with items likely lying around you home.

Let us now look at each one shall we.

With Warm Water

That’s right, you can usually remove most of the marshmallow from your hair with just regular, warm water.

Besides, marshmallows are made mostly from sugar and gelatin; which quickly react and dissolve when they come into contact with water.

Now, there are two ways you can do this:

  1. In A Shower
  2. Using A Bowl Of Hot Water

For each method, you first need to brush and part your hair, so that you have located the marshmallow and you know where it is in your hair.

From there, expose each section into the water, submerging it for a few minutes to ensure the marshmallow can dissolve.

From there use a clean towel to gently dry and remove any excess marshmallow still found in your hair. Be gentle to prevent snapping your hair or pulling it out.

With Steam

You can create steam through various different methods, and if you have one available, you could even go to a steam room at the sauna!

Though they may chuck you out.

So better still is to run a hot shower. Ensure all doors and windows are closed.

Wash your hair as you would normally, but be sure to apply a liberal amount of shampoo and then conditioner.

Run your hands through the strands of your hair and be sure to scrub the scalp to ensure you remove all the marshmallow!

With Specialized Shampoo/Conditioner

If your regular shampoo and conditioner does not seem to do the trick, you can always order some more specialist product to help remove the marshmallow for good.

These products tend to do a much better job at cleaning, detangling and breaking down substances.

If you’ve got a pretty sticky situation on your hands, this is the set to get from Amazon.

From there and once you have it, you are going to want to really massage these products into the areas where marshmallow is located. Be sure to get at your scalp and root ends.

You can also use a comb to remove any clumped marshmallow that forms as a result.

When it comes to the conditioning stage, be sure to let it sit in your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing it out. This will help maximize its effectiveness and leave your hair silky soft.

With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a miracle cleaner, and it’s something that has a wide range of uses (not just around the home) but for your hair (and teeth) too.

All you need to do is create a baking soda solution, by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with 4 tablespoons of water.

Wet your hair, and apply this solution to your hair – particularly in between the strands that have the largest clumps of marshmallow.

Be sure to feed this through your scalp through to the ends of your hair.

Gently massage it in, leave it to work its magic for 2-3 minutes, and them wash it out with warm water.

You may then want to finish up with a conditioner to ensure your hair feels great and you remove the somewhat salty smell baking soda brings.

With Vinegar

Or, you can consider using a vinegar (where apple cider vinegar tends to work best).

As vinegar is naturally acidic, it does a great job at breaking down marshmallow, but it does have a drying effect on hair and the scalp – so you will need to condition your hair afterward or reach for a moisturizer to help restore optimal conditions post use.

Nevertheless, all you need to do here is create an vinegar solution (by adding 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 4/5 tablespoons of water).

A spray bottle works best here, but a small bowl will also suffice.

Apply the solution to your hair, massage it in, and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

Rinse it out and then wash/condition your hair with proper product.

With Coconut Oil/Olive Oil

Lastly you can reach for a cooking oil, where coconut and/or olive oil typically work best.

They do a great job at breaking down marshmallow and are simple and easy to use.

All you need to do is coat the hair with either of the two oils. Simply use your fingers and run them through the hair strands (its generally best to do over a sink/in a shower/bath).

Again it’s a good idea to let the oil sit in your hair momentarily – 5/10 minutes to ensure there is sufficient time for it to breakdown the marshmallow.

Then, just wash it out with water, before reaching for the shampoo/conditioner to remove any oil and grease.


The best ways to remove marshmallow from hair are with hot water, steam, certain hair cleaning products or with the likes of baking soda and/or oils.

So you do have numerous options.

Just be sure to act promptly. The quicker you get to removing the marshmallow from the hair the quicker (and easier) you should find it is to remove it.

Just ensure you are safe and stick to these recommendations above – you dont want to damage or remove any hair in the process, or use any dangerous products that could cause you harm!