How To Get Marshmallow Out Of Carpet

You’ve dropped a marshmallow or two on the carpet and its started to set in. Disaster! Or is it? Can you remove marshmallow from the carpet simply and relatively easily – you bet! Here is all you need to do.

How To Get Marshmallow Out Of Carpet

The best way to get marshmallow out of the carpet is to remove excess marshmallow, break the marshmallow down and then finish off with a carpet cleaning solution.

That’s the gist of it, but you want the step by step instructions, right?

Well, let’s get into it!

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. Remove excess Marshmallow

    Begin by removing as much of the marshmallow from the carpet as possible. You could pick it out of the carpet with your fingers, but using a knife to gently scrape tends to work best. Be careful not to damage the carpet.

  2. Wet a towel in cold water

    And then place the towel over the area where the marshmallow is. Leave this towel here for 3-5 minutes – giving the water time to soak into the marshmallow and to break it down.

  3. Spray a specialist carpet cleaner

    On top of the area where the marshmallow is. I personally recommend and swear by this one from Amazon. It’s safe for all carpets and other types of furniture/upholstery. The attached brush also helps ensure you apply it directly to the area in need.

  4. Let the carpet cleaner dry and vacuum excess

    You should notice that the carpet cleaner breaks down any remaining marshmallow. From there, it is recommended you vacuum any marshmallow flakes to ensure you do not walk those around the house!

Does Marshmallow Stain Carpet?

Marshmallow does not typically stain the carpet; especially if it is picked up and removed quickly after landing/being trod into it. That being said, if it is left, it can eb particularly challenging to remove.

So, the quicker you can act on a marshmallow stain, the greater chances you have of removing it permanently.

In other words, if you can stop the marshmallow from setting, being trod in, and collecting dirt and other debris, the more likely you have of avoiding a permanent stain.


It is possible to remove marshmallow from the carpet.

Thankfully, as it is made predominantly of sugar and gelatin, it breaks down when exposed to water. Even more so when it is exposed to a carpet cleaning solution.

But do be prompt here. Don’t let the marshmallow set or leave it for too long.

That will just make the whole process that much more challenging and time consuming.

Besides, it could even cause damage to the carpet fibers.

Oh and here is another quick tip.

If you have any ice cubes in the freezer, you could also rub those on top of the stain in place of/or just before the first “wet towel” step.

That seems to work well too!

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