How To Color Cotton Candy

Do you want to make your cotton candy a little more colorful and interesting? Perhaps you want to give it some additional vibrancy, maybe you want it to look a little different from the typical pink or blue. Well, you’ll be pleased you swung by. The process is simple and I’m here to share it with you today!

So, how do you color cotton candy? To color cotton candy, you simply need to add food coloring/food dye to your sugar prior to spinning, and evenly distribute throughout. Alternatively, you can purchase a flossing sugar in the color of choice, or use this as a base to make unique new colors.

Essentially, what is best for you will depend on whether you have access to a cotton candy machine, or not.

Besides, it is possible to make cotton candy without one!

So, with this in mind, let us look at the process for either option!

How To Color Cotton Candy

To color cotton candy, you need to prepare the sugar in advance of use, specifically with a singular/several different food coloring of choice.

Now, you also have the ability to buy a cotton candy flossing sugar (and manipulate the color further) or work from a more neutral white color, from scratch.

When it comes to the coloring, here is the stuff to get from Amazon.

From there, the process will differ depending on if you have a machine or not.

With A Cotton Candy Machine

Step One: Purchase your food coloring, or collect it from the cupboard (if you already have some).

Step Two: Pour the sugar into a resealable food bag/sandwich bag/Ziploc bag. Add 2-3 drops of the food coloring. Close the bag.

Step Three: From outside the bag, rub the gel color into the sugar to evenly distribute it. Add more coloring to achieve the color you desire. Consider adding other colors for more interesting colors!

Step Four: Warm up your machine as per the machines instructions (the time this may take does differ by brand, but it is typically around 15-20minutes). You need to ensure your cotton candy machine is sufficiently warm or your cotton candy will not form properly.

Step Five: Add 1 scoop of your colored sugar via the scoop that comes with your machine to the moving head. Do not add any more as this could damage your machine.

Step Six: Wait for the machine to spin the cotton candy. Then, move a cone/stick around the head of the machine to collect your black cotton candy. Keep going until you have a nice sized portion.

Step Seven: Serve and enjoy or store away in bags.

Without A Cotton Candy Machine

Step One: Prepare a workstation by clearing a table or counter. Lay down some plastic wrap and then place some parchment paper on top.

Step Two: Pour your sugar into a resealable food bag/sandwich bag/Ziploc bag. Add 2-3 drops of the food coloring. Close the bag.

Step Three: Transfer the sugar from the bag to a saucepan. Heat up to 320 degrees F (stirring constantly) via medium-high heat and keep an eye on the temperature via a thermometer you can place into the pan. Cook until the sugar has melted.

Step Four: Transfer the melted mixture to a large, safe heat, cool bowl.

Step Five: Dip the tines of your whisk into the bowl and spin the colored cotton candy. Drizzle the thinning sugar strands back and forth over the parchment paper (on the table/counter top) until you have a larger nest of cotton candy strands.

Step Six: Wait 10 minutes for the sugar to thicken. Eat and enjoy or spin onto cones/ sticks or place in bags!


As you can see, changing the color of cotton candy is not too challenging!

And the good news is you can introduce interesting colors of your choice!

You can opt for singular colors, or amazing blends too.

You just need to prepare the sugar in advance; so do be sure to invest in some good food coloring like the recommendation below:

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From there it’s just going through the process.

Whether that be with a machine or your manual efforts!

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