How Many Vodka Gummy Bears Equals A Shot?

Are you making a batch of vodka gummy bears for an event, a party or to have before a big night out? Do you want to know how alcoholic these little guys really are? Well you’ve come to the right place. Today, I am going to be sharing with you all you need to know about the alcohol that they typically contain.

So, how many vodka gummy bears equals a shot? The average vodka gummy bear will contain 0.07 ounces of vodka, thus around 21 vodka gummy bears will equal a 1.5 oz shot (when following a typical vodka gummy bear recipe).

Perhaps more (or less) gummy bears than you might of expected.

But here’s the thing.

It ultimately depends on the amount of alcohol used when making the gummies, and also, the size of the shot you want to reference.

Let’s continue to explore this, below.

How Many Gummy Bears Are In A Shot?

There are between 17 and 21 gummies bears (in a 1.25 and 1.5oz shot respectively).

One thing to consider here is that there is no one singular standard size of a shot as it varies on the glass and region.

As such, some shots are 1.25 oz, others are 1.5oz.

Some shot glasses are even upwards of 2 ounces in size.

That being said, 1.5oz is considered the standard, particularly across the US.

Nevertheless, let us look at how many ounces are the standard across the different countries.

Besides, you may not be reading this from the US!

  • Australia – 1.05 oz
  • Canada – ~1.48 oz
  • France – 0.84 oz – 1.18 oz
  • Germany – 0.67 oz – 1.35 oz
  • Italy – 1.35 oz – 2.02 oz
  • India – ~1.01 oz
  • Japan – ~2.02 oz
  • Poland – ~1.69 oz
  • Russia – ~1.69 oz
  • United Kingdom – 0.84 oz – 1.18 oz
  • South Africa – ~0.84 oz

So with this in mind, we just need to do the math. I.e. how many gummies fit the shot size.

Remember, each vodka gummy contains roughly 0.07 oz vodka.

So, back to our countries shot sizes:

  • Australia – 15 gummies.
  • Canada – 21 gummies.
  • France – 12-16 gummies.
  • Germany – 9 – 19 gummies
  • Italy – 19 – 28 gummies.
  • India – 14 gummies.
  • Japan – 28 gummies.
  • Poland – 24 gummies.
  • Russia – 24 gummies.
  • United Kingdom – 12 – 16 gummies.
  • South Africa – 12 gummies.

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Can You Get Drunk From Vodka Gummies?

You can get drunk from eating vodka gummies. You are more likely to get drunk, and faster, if you eat gummies of higher alcoholic content, you eat more of them, and you eat them in a shorter period of time.

There are other factors that will influence how drunk you will get, including:

  • Time of day,
  • How much food you have eaten
  • Your hydration status
  • How long the gummies have been soaking in alcohol for,
  • The alcohol strength the gummies have soaked in.
  • Any other alcohol you have been drinking/consuming.

So, do absolutely consider your alcohol tolerance level and those factors referenced above.

Remember, it will take a while for the alcohol to enter your bloodstream.

And you can eat vodka gummies quickly – there is a slight delay in between the time of consumption and the alcoholic effects to be experienced/noticed.

So, eat them mindfully, slowly and be sure you know your limits!

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