How Many Smarties In A Tube?

Are you about to buy a pack of Smarties and are wondering how many you get inside? Perhaps you want to share them out, or wondering if there will be enough? Or maybe you’re having a bet with a friend and need to find the answer. Either way, you’ll be glad you stopped by. I decided to buy a few packs to find out!

So, how many Smarties are in a Tube? There are typically between 30-34 Smarties for each Smarties Tube (38g size), with the average therefore being 32. Larger tubes (130g), can contain anywhere from 90-100 Smarties, with the average being around 95.

Do consider, therefore, that each tube of Smarties may have a different total amount.

My Smarties Tube

How Many Colours Are In A Smarties Tube?

There are eight different colours that come in a Smarties tube. These are: red, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, brown and orange.

The total amount of each colour is random, so you may get more of one color than another, though you should still expect all eight colors per tube.

How Many Calories Are In A 38G Tube Of Smarties?

There are 89 calories in each 38g tube of Smarties.

How Many Calories Are In A 120G Tube Of Smarties?

There are 534 calories in each 120g tube of Smarties.

How Many Calories Are In A Smartie?

There are around 5 calories in each Smartie.

How Many Smarties Are In A Serving?

A serving size of Smarties is 19g, or 16 sweets.

Therefore you typically get 2 servings for each 38g tube, and 6 servings for each 120g tube.

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Do Smarties still come in tubes?

Smarties do still come in tubes, though the shape and materials they are made of has changed throughout the years. Equally, Smarties have expanded their product range to include products that do not come in tubes; such as sharing bags.

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