How Many Pumps Of Cane Sugar In A Venti?

Are you keen to ask for Cane Sugar in your Venti Iced Tea or Coffee down at Starbucks? Are you not sure how much they typically put in, or what’s a good amount to order?

Well, having tried a few different pump quantities, I’d like to share what they typically offer (by default), before offering some potential suggestions to ensure you get the drink with the right level of sweetness, for you.

How Many Pumps Of Cane Sugar In A Venti

There are 6 pumps of Cane Sugar in a Venti by default. In other words, if you were to ask for Cane Sugar, this is the number of pumps they would give you, unless you specify otherwise.

How Many Pumps Of Cane Sugar Are In Other Sizes At Starbucks

Now then, you may be wondering how many pumps of cane sugar there are in other sizes. Here they are below, for reference:

  • Tall – 3
  • Grande – 4
  • Venti – 6
  • Trenta – 7

So the bigger the drink, the more pumps!

Can You Ask For Fewer Pumps Of Cane Sugar In Your Venti?

You can ask for fewer pumps of Cane Sugar in your Venti, regardless of the size drink you order.

Just be sure to specify to the barista at the time of order, so that they can pass this information on.

What Is A Good Quantity of Sugar Cane Pumps?

The exact quantity of sugar cane pumps you will enjoy is highly personal. That being said 3/4 pumps is a good sweet-spot for most people, and most drink sizes.

Of course, the larger the drink the more you can get away with before it becomes too sweet.

That being said, the default pump quantity per size is a good measure to go by; besides, Starbucks seem to know what they are doing!


How many calories in one pump of liquid cane sugar from Starbucks?

There are 20 calories in one pump of liquid cane sugar from Starbucks.