How Many Fruit Pastilles In A Tube?

Are you considering buying a pack of Fruit Pastilles and are wondering how many you’ll get? Maybe you want to share them around? Or maybe you’re contemplating saving some for later – but will there be enough? Either way, you’ll be glad you came here today. I decided to buy a few tubes to find out!

So, how many Fruit Pastilles are in a Tube? There are typically around 14 Fruit Pastilles in each standard tube (50g size).

An even amount, great for sharing right?

Or you could opt for one of the 143g sharing pouches instead. There is always way.

But what can you expect from each tube in terms of colours/flavours?

Let’s find out!

How Many Flavours Are In A Fruit Pastilles Tube?

There are five different flavours/colours that come in a Fruit Pastilles tube. These are: blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, lime, and orange. 

You can probably guess what flavour is what color, but let’s quickly run over them:

  • Purple: Blackcurrant,
  • Yellow: Lemon
  • Red: Strawberry
  • Lime: Green
  • Orange: Orange

Now, the total number of each flavour will vary by tube. You may get more of one than another, just consider that. It’s luck of the draw in many respects!

How Many Calories Are In A Tube Of Fruit Pastilles?

There are 182 calories in each 50g tube of Fruit Pastilles.

How Many Calories Are In A Fruit Pastille?

There are around 13 calories in each Fruit Pastille.

How Many Fruit Pastilles Are In A Serving?

A serving size of Smarties is 7 Fruit Pastilles, or 25g.

Therefore you typically get 2 servings for each 50g tube.

Related Questions

How many calories are in 7 Fruit Pastilles?

There are 13 calories in 7 Fruit Pastilles.

How many grams are in a packet of Fruit Pastilles?

There is 50g in a singular tube of Fruit Pastilles. There is 143g in a sharing pouch.

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