How Do You Spell Candy In 2 Letters?

Have you been sent the riddle ‘how do you spell candy in 2 letters?’ Not sure how to answer it, and is it driving you crazy trying to work it out! Well, I am here to save your sanity! 

So, how do you spell candy in 2 letters? C and Y is how you spell candy in 2 letters.

Perhaps it has clicked now. 

At least it did for me when I saw it written down.

But maybe it’s still gone over your head.

Don’t worry, that’s usually me!

So let me explain the riddle, and hopefully, that will help you understand it!

How Do You Spell Candy In 2 Letters Explained

The reason why C and Y is the answer to the riddle is that you are only using 2 letters. The word and is the important bridge between the two and needs to be said to solve the riddle.

That’s because C+AND+Y when put together spells and reads: “Candy” – and you’ve only used two letters to do it!