Haribo vs Trolli • The Ultimate Showdown

DING! DING! DING! It’s time for another candy bout between two of the market leaders. Today you’re going to find out all about the differences and similarities between two giants of the candy world. 

In the red corner, we have the people’s favorite, a German candy company known for creating the first gummy candy ever in 1960; it is…HARIBO! 

Aaaaaand in the blue corner, we have another German candy company that sells licorice and marshmallows as well as gummies; it is…TROLLI! 

Alright. We know what we’re looking for. Differences and similarities. 

Touch them up! 

Let’s go!

What Are The Differences Between Haribo and Trolli? 

There are differences between Haribo and Trolli related to their texture, available flavors, and packaging.

Whilst both Haribo and Trolli are gummy candy makers, there are some differences between them. 

Of course there is; otherwise, some people wouldn’t choose Haribo, and some wouldn’t choose Trolli.

Now, Haribo and Trolli both have extensive ranges of different candies under their name.

If we were going to analyze each range and compare it to the other equivalent, then we would be here all day.

So, today we are at least mainly going to be comparing Haribo’s gummy bear range with Trolli’s gummy bear range.

Those are the most famous after all and no doubt the reason you came here today.


So let’s start here with texture. An important characteristic of every candy.

Because, after all, it doesn’t matter how delicious a candy is; if it feels weird and makes you cringe when you put it in your mouth, it’s not going to be enjoyable.

Now how can the textures between Haribo and Trolli be different? Surely they’ve got to be the same, considering they are both gummy candy brands?

Well, yes. But also no. There are two subtle yet important differences between Haribo and Trolli when it comes to texture.

The first is that Haribo is actually much, much firmer than Trolli. That’s not to say they’re really hard and tough; they’re not. 

But Trolli gummy bears are just much softer gummy bears. So that’s the first difference in texture out of the way.

The second difference in texture is actually to do with their coating. Trolli bears have an oily-like coating over their surface that makes them a lot more sticky than Haribo gummy bears.

BONUS DIFFERENCE: This isn’t to do with their texture, more so their appearance. Yes, Haribo gummy bears and Trolli gummy bears share the fact that they are gummy bears. But if you look at both gummy bears closely, you will see that they are different in their appearance. You could say that they are different breeds of gummy bears. Ha ha ha!


Now it’s time to discuss the most exciting part. The flavors. After all, we don’t eat gummy bears because they have pretty faces. We eat them because they are delicious.

And when it comes to the different flavors, I can confirm that Haribo and Trolli differ on…1 account!

Yes, that’s right. All of their flavors are the same, and we’ll talk a bit more about these in the next chapter.

For now, let’s look at that one flavor that differs. And it is for the red gummy bear.

Trolli’s red gummy bear is cherry flavored. Haribo’s red gummy bear is berry flavored. 

So there’s your difference in flavors…or should I say flavor.


Time to talk about packaging now. There always seem to be differences between candies in this category, although some can be uncannily similar. 

What’s the situation when it comes to Haribo v Trolli?

Well, let’s discuss them individually.

Haribo gummy bears are packaged in those famous, pristine golden bags. A transparent strip across the bag allows candy lovers to ogle the bears inside.

Then on the packaging is a friendly cartoon golden bear, inviting anyone to enjoy the delicious gummy bears inside. 

As long as they pay for them at the cashier, of course. This has been the packaging for a long time now.

Trolli, on the other hand, is known for mixing its packaging up quite a lot. A lot of their candy ranges have wild graphic designs showcasing their strange candy products, like the gummy pizzas.

When it comes to their gummy bear packaging, Trolli has several different gummy bear packages. We’re just going to talk about their classic gummy bears range.

This packaging is colorful with that inflatable-styled writing that we see on so many other candy products.

Then there are several little cartoon bears and one big adult cartoon bear smiling with their hands raised on the packaging. 

Yes, I really did just analyze the appearance of cartoon bears. Not once. But twice! A difference is a difference, no matter how fine the details may be.

What Are The Similarities Between Haribo and Trolli?

Haribo and Trolli have similarities related to their nature, most of their flavors (and colors), and size.

Right, we’ve been through the differences. Now time for the similarities.


Pretty simple this. They’re both gummy bears which means they’ll use very similar ingredients.

They will have similar textures because of this as well, although there will be subtle differences, as we mentioned in the previous chapter.

And they were both originally created and manufactured in Germany, albeit by different companies.


So, we know that only one gummy bear differs in flavor between manufacturers. That is the red gummy bear.

But all the other different colored gummy bears are the same flavor irrespective of whether it is Haribo or Trolli making them.

So, what are these flavors? 

  • Their orange-colored gummy bears are orange-flavored.
  • Their yellow-colored gummy bears are lemon-flavored.
  • Their transparent gummy bears are pineapple flavored.
  • Their green-colored gummy bears are lime flavored.


Finally, there is size. Now I haven’t had my tape measure out here, so I can’t give you the exact measurements of these two gummy bears.

What I can say is that they are very, very similar in size.

Is Trolli or Haribo Better?

Whether Trolli or Haribo is better comes down to personal preference.

For me, Haribo is the best gummy bear on the market!

They are the originals, after all. Haribo gummy bears have been around for almost a century. And there’s a reason for that. 

I personally prefer them because their texture is firmer, and I prefer their flavors more.

They also contain citric acid, which keeps them fresher for a longer period of time. So they have great preservation value as well.

But that is not to take anything away from Trolli. Their gummy bears are delicious too. But for me, Harbio takes the top spot.

However, the case may not be the same for you.

Only you can decide for yourself.

But I can help you on your way if you don’t have bags of each type of gummy bear beside you.

Here are some notes on a few of the flavors of Haribo gummy bears and Trolli gummy bears.


Trolli’s are a bit bitter, whereas Haribo’s are zesty without bitterness. You may find that Haribo’s are sweeter.


Trolli’s is sweet and tarty, again with a bitter tinge. Whereas Haribo’s is very lemony whilst being a bit more mellow in terms of the bitter and sour tastes.


Trolli’s is sour, albeit a bit bland. On the other hand, Haribo’s is much stronger in terms of taste and sourness.


Once again, Trolli’s are at it with bitter and sour zesty tastes here.

Haribo’s lime flavor is their most bland; however, it’s still very sweet compared to the Trolli.

Who Would Prefer Haribo?

Someone who prefers a firmer, non-sticky texture. Someone who prefers sweeter tasting gummy bears. And someone who prefers their red gummy bears to be berry flavored would prefer Haribo over Trolli.

It all comes down to preference. If you prefer the kind of texture possessed by Haribos gummy bears, then they could be the ones for you.

Now, you will have noticed from my analysis in the previous chapter that the flavors of Haribos gummy bears lean towards being sweeter. Trolli’s are more bitter and sour.

So if you prefer sweet to bitter and sour, then Haribos are the one for you.

Oh, and if you prefer berry to cherry, then Haribos are also probably the one for you as this is the flavor they give to their red gummy bears.

Who Would Prefer Trolli?

Someone who prefers a softer, stickier texture. Someone who prefers bitter and sour-tasting gummy bears. And someone who prefers their red gummy bears to be cherry flavored would prefer Trolli over Haribo.

Each to their own. If you want a softer yet stickier texture, then Trolli’s could be the gummy bear for you.

And again, you will have noticed from my analysis earlier that Trolli’s flavors lean toward being more sour and bitter compared to Haribos.

So if you prefer sour and bitter-tasting gummy bears, then Haribos could be the ones for you.

Oh, and if you prefer cherry to berry, then Trolli’s are probably the gummy bears for you as this is the flavor they give to their red gummy bears.


Another bout is all done and dusted.

Whilst I have decided on who I think is the best, you might think differently.

That’s the beauty of candy. It’s all subjective.

Whether you prefer Haribo or Trolli, it could all come down to what flavor you prefer your red gummy bear to be!

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