Does Starbucks Have Chocolate Milk?

Are you heading down to Starbucks but don’t fancy a coffee, Frappuccino any other of their wild and colorful drinks? If you’re anything like me, you love a good chocolate milk. Naturally, it leads to the question of whether you can order it at this popular coffee chain. Well, here is what you came here for.

So, does Starbucks have chocolate milk? Starbucks does offer chocolate milk; offering the Horizon organic chocolate milk brand in a carton. Alternatively, you could order SBC milk, and add Mocha sauce or White Chocolate Mocha sauce for that chocolatey flavor.

So you have two options; with the SBC milk being the ‘freshly prepared’ option, with the other being in the form of a pre-made carton (just as you would get in a grocery store).

And again, this naturally opens up more question, such as what milk you could ask for for your chocolate milk, should you opt for the SBC option.

What Milk Can You Ask For At Starbucks?

You can ask for non-fat milk, 2% milk, heavy cream, vanilla sweet cream, whole milk, breve (half and half), almond, coconut, oatmilk and soy.

One thing to consider here is that Starbucks are constantly reviewing and refining the menu.

Thus, it could very well be that new milk options become available in time or some drop off the menu.

At the same time, do consider that not all stores may have stock of each milk type at time or order – depending on demand, supply and general stock levels.

What milk do they normally use at Starbucks?

Starbucks use 2% milk in all of their drinks, by default. That being said, you can order your drink in the nine other milk options (including low-fat, or a plant-based milk) at time of order, if you prefer.

Thus, you are going to get 2% milk unless you ask for otherwise.

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Does Starbucks chocolate milk have caffeine?

Horizon organic chocolate milk offered at Starbucks does not contain caffeine, according to the product packaging and Starbucks website.

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