Do They Still Make Zagnut Candy Bars?

The world of candy is famous for its innovation. Candy makers across the globe have always looked to create the most unique, daring, and at times shocking products that can be purchased. We often see this manifest in the form of very unusual combinations between certain ingredients. This was the case when candy lovers met the Zagnut candy bars for the first time. These delicious candy bars combined peanut butter and toasted coconut to give us something we’d never tasted before nor even thought would taste nice at first. However, Zagnut amazed taste buds around the world. But you know this already, of course. Perhaps you were a big lover and devourer of Zagnut, and you’re here today wondering if they are still around, if you can still get them, or if not, what candies are similar. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is all you are going to want to know.

Do they still make Zagnut candy bars? They do still make Zagnut candy bars, meaning they haven’t been discontinued at all since their launch in 1930. Today, Zagnut candy bars are made by the Hershey Company in the USA. Although they are not as widely accessible as they once were, Zagnut candy bars can easily be purchased from specialist candy stores, both physical and online. 

Zagnut Candy Bar

Best Place To Still Buy Zagnut Candy Bars

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Are Zagnut Candy Bars Still Being Made? 

Zagnut candy bars are still being made by the Hershey Company in the USA. Despite changing ownership since its initial launch in 1930, Zagnut is still the same as they’ve always been.

So, it’s good news today as we now know that Zagnut candy bars are still very much being manufactured and distributed to those who want to enjoy that mouth-watering collaboration between peanut butter and toasted coconut. 

Zagnut is quite an old candy, with its launch dating back all the way to 1930.

Back then, Zagnut was created, manufactured, and distributed by those who were based in Western Pennsylvania.

You may recognize the name Clark (not the shoe brand) because they also made the famous Clark Bar!

Clark would go on to change their name to the Pittsburgh Food & Beverage Company and would also later, in 1983, be acquired by Leaf International.

It was in 1996 that Hershey Foods Corporation acquired the Zagnut brand.

Today, Zagnut is still manufactured and distributed by Hershey’s, who are, of course, one of, if not the top candy makers in the world.

Zagnut is still made with the same recipe and through the same process, so there’s been no change there.

The accessibility to Zagnut candy bars has, however, decreased over time.

This is down to store preferences, as some brands will choose exactly what candy they want to be stocked on their shelf.

After all, not everyone can stock every single candy that’s ever been made.

But don’t mistake this lack of accessibility for Zagnut being discontinued. That is far from the case.

Zagnut has not been discontinued!

There are two common reasons why a candy might be discontinued. 

One, it might be selling poorly on the market, so the company has to discontinue the candy, so they are not making a loss.

Two, the candy might be wrapped up, pardon the pun, in some sort of controversy.

Zagnut has never found itself in either scenario.

Although it may not be as popular as it once was, Zagnut is still selling enough for Hershey’s to continue manufacturing and distributing this fantastic candy. 

Where Can You Still Get Zagnut Candy Bars?

You can still get Zagnut candy bars from the likes of online stores, particularly those that specialize in nostalgic candy. 

So, from the last chapter, we know that Zagnut candy bars aren’t as widely accessible as they once were.

However, do not worry, as you’ll still find that getting your hands on some Zagnut candy bars is pretty convenient. 

Let’s take a look at some of the retailers who sell Zagnut candy bars and why they’re good sellers to buy from.

Nostalgic candy.

That’s what Oldtimecandy specializes in, as they are an online seller dedicated to distributing the candies of past childhoods.

And seeing as Zagnut candy bars were first launched in 1930, we can safely assume that they classify as nostalgic candy.

So Oldtimecandy is another great source to get your Zagnut candy bars from.

Plus whats more, you can buy individual bars, just a few or an entire box of 18!


Amazon leads the way when it comes to e-commerce. They pretty much sell anything and everything, and that includes candy. 

That also includes Zagnut candy bars.

I personally buy most of my candy from Amazon for several reasons.

Firstly, Amazon offers great bulk buying deals for candy at reasonable money-saving prices, so you’ll get more Zagnut candy bars for your buck. 

Secondly, Amazon delivers all its candy products straight to my door quickly whilst in perfectly fresh condition.  

And thirdly, Amazon is incredibly secure and legitimate.

Due to their strict policies, Amazon ensures that you only buy from reputable sellers and verified merchants when using their site.

Other Sellers

Zagnut candy bars aren’t just stocked and sold at Amazon and Oldtimecandy.

There are plenty of other sellers, both online and in-store, who will sell this delicious candy. 

Through a simple google search, you’ll be able to find many other great retailers to choose from when you’re on the hunt for some Zagnut candy bars. 

Many gas stations and groceries still stock Zagnut. You’ll most likely find their candy bars on the shelves of many popular grocery stores, including Walmart and Target.

Other Candies Like Zagnut Candy Bars If You Can’t Get Them

Candies that are similar to Zagnut candy bars include Clark Bars, Clark Cups, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Shapes, Butterfingers, and Take5 bars.

As Zagnut candy bars aren’t as widely stocked as they once were, you may face complications when looking to source some.

There might be an online shortage of Zagnut candy bars.

Or perhaps you’re in a store right now, and they haven’t got any on their shelves.

Either way, there are many great alternatives that are very similar to Zagnut candy bars.

You’ll even be able to identify some alternatives yourself.

Just remember what Zagnut candy bars are. They are a candy that combines peanut and toasted coconut.

Naturally, you’ll find that similar candies to Zagnut will also contain similar peanut butter and coconut or at least one of these ingredients combined with an outer milk chocolate layer. 

Here is a list of my favorite Zagnut candy bar alternatives.

Clark Bar

We know from earlier that Zagnut was originally created by the D. L. Clark Company.

Another candy that was part of their portfolio was the Clark Bar.

The Clark Bar is very nearly the exact same as the Zagnut bar

The main difference is that the Clark Bar has its peanut butter filling coated in chocolate, whereas the Zagnut bar has a coconut outer shell.

Clark Cups

It’s to be expected that another candy made by the Clark Company would also make it onto this list. 

 And these are Clark Cups that also combine peanut butter and chocolate. 

The creation of Clark Cups is an interesting story.

During World War 1, Clark Candy Bars were made for US troops with the intention that it would give them a much-needed boost of energy.

Then, in the 90s, a happy accident occurred whilst new batches of the Clark Bars were being made. An excess amount of chocolate in the factory was used to invent the Candy Cups.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Many candy lovers regard these delights as one of the best candies of all time.

That mouth-watering combination of peanut butter and chocolate really has earnt Reese its prestigious name. 

A brilliant alternative to Zagnut Bars that may even make you forget all about them!

Reese’s Shapes

Another Reese’s product is the Shapes which offers a slight chocolate and peanut ratio that still holds its own identity to distinguish itself from the other Reese’s products. 


These are even older than Zagnut, as they were first created and launched in 1923!

Crispy peanut and a milk chocolate outer layer will work wonders on your taste buds.


Nother Hershey’s product is the Take5 which in recent years has been added to the Reese’s portfolio of candy products and consequently rebranded as Reese’s Take5 Bar.

A wondrously creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate combination that is to die for!

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So, Zagnut lives to be eaten another day.

Sure, you might not find them in every store, but if you know where to look, you’ll find Zagnut in abundance.

And it’s so worth it, as nobody does that peanut butter and toasted coconut combo any better!

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