Do They Still Make Sugar Daddy Candy?

The confectionery business is a tough place for candy to survive, especially for old candies. It’s competitive, and if a candy doesn’t keep up with the pack, then it can see itself discontinued for the foreseeable future. So, it’s important that candies stand out by being unique. And one candy that certainly was unique when it burst onto the scene was Sugar Daddy Candy. These milk caramel lollipops put ordinary hard candy lollipops to shame. So, are they still around? If so, who is making them? And where (if anywhere) can you buy them? Well, today, my Sugar Daddy Candy-loving friend, I’m going to do my best to make sure that you get your answers!

So, do they still make Sugar Daddy Candy? They do still make Sugar Daddy Candy, and they are available to purchase from many online and physical candy stores. Since 1993, these caramel lollipops have been manufactured and distributed by Tootsie Rolls Industries. 

Sugar Daddy Candy

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Is Sugar Daddy Candy Still Being Made? 

Sugar Daddy Candy is still being made by Tootsie Roll Industries in the US.

So, it turns out that Sugar Daddy Candy is still available to candy lovers.

This is a relief because many great old candies from the past can often fail to survive the cut and see themselves discontinued.

Let’s find out more about Sugar Daddy Candy’s continued existence!

Sugar Daddy Candy was first created in 1925. Oh yes, they sure are old candy. They weren’t just a candy from my childhood, but they were also candy from my great-grandparents’ childhood!

Back then, Sugar Daddy Candy was actually branded as ‘Papa Sucker.’ It wasn’t until 1932 that they were rebranded as the name we know them by today, Sugar Daddy Candy.

So, who was responsible for creating this delightful candy? 

Well, the glory goes to The James O. Welch Company, who continued to manufacture and distribute Sugar Daddy Candy for quite some time afterward. 

Then, in 1963, The James O. Welch Company was bought by Nabisco, now known as Mondelēz International.

The Welch brands owned by Nabisco were then sold to Warner-Lambert in 1988.

Finally, in 1993, Sugar Daddy Candy ended up where it is now at Tootsie Roll Industries.

 So it’s fair to say that Sugar Daddy Candy has gone through many different ownership changes throughout its existence. But I guess that’s normal for a candy that is nearly a hundred years old!

Sugar Daddy Candy is still the same, but there are some variations of the candy as different sub-products.

Tootsie Rolls Industries manufactures them in the US and distributes them in 2 standard sizes, the ‘Junior Pop’ and the ‘Large Pop.’

So, despite being nearly a hundred years old, Sugar Daddy Candy has never once in its long existence been discontinued.

If candy faces being discontinued, it is normally for 2 reasons.

Number one, if the candy isn’t bringing in enough sales, then the company may discontinue it as they will be making a loss. 

Number two, if the candy is wrapped up in some sort of controversy, then it may also be discontinued. 

Neither has been the case for Sugar Daddy Candy. However, you may find that they are not as widely accessible as they once were.

Where Can You Still Get Sugar Daddy Candy?

You can still purchase Sugar Daddy Candy from specialist candy stores, whether these operate online or as a physical store.

Not all candies survive being discontinued. Many of the great candies of the past soon just disappear from the face of the earth when the company that makes them decides enough is enough. 

But even if a candy does manage to survive being discontinued, you may find that they aren’t as widely accessible as they once were. 

This is the case for Sugar Daddy Candy, as it’s not as widely stocked on grocery shelves as it once was.

Nevertheless, it’s still pretty accessible for a candy that is nearly one hundred years old.

Let’s talk about some of the different sellers of Sugar Daddy Candy that you can choose to buy from.


As we know, Sugar Daddy Candy has been around for some time.

1925 was its birth year, making it nearly a hundred years old.

Knowing this, I think we can all safely define Sugar Daddy Candy as an old candy.

And do you know who sells old candy? That’s!

Oldtimecandy is an online seller that’s mission is to distribute the nostalgic candies we loved during our childhoods, no matter how obscure or hard they are to find.

And as I said earlier, Sugar Daddy Candy isn’t just a nostalgic candy from childhood; it’s from my grandparents and great-grandparents’ childhoods as well.

So, you can rest assured that Oldtimecandy stock Sugar Daddy Candy.

And you can buy either the junior or large version, and even get them in bulk too!


We all know Amazon by now. The e-commerce business sells everything and anything. 

As they sell everything and anything, you can bet that they sell candy in profuse quantities.

And that includes Sugar Daddy Candy.

Amazon is my go-to site when looking to stock up on my favorite candies. 

Why? Several reasons.

First of all, they offer fantastic bulk buying deals for candy at reasonable money-saving prices.

You’ll therefore be able to get more candy for your buck or, in this specific case, more Sugar Daddy Candy for your buck. 

Secondly, Amazon delivers all its candy and Sugar Daddy Candy products to your door quickly whilst keeping them in a perfectly fresh condition.  

Thirdly, and finally, Amazon is very secure and legitimate.

They are so secure and legitimate because of their strict policies that ensure you only buy from reputable sellers and verified merchants when purchasing whatever you want from their site.

Other Sellers

There are other places you can get Sugar Daddy Candy from as well, whether you’re looking to buy off the internet or in a store.

We’d be here a while talking about all the other different sellers, but you can easily research them yourself.

If it’s an online purchase of Sugar Daddy Candy, you want to make them simply conduct a simple google search, and you’ll find plenty of other great, reliable sellers of Sugar Daddy Candy.

Or if you’re looking to buy your Sugar Daddy Candy in a store, then find out which groceries stock them.

You’ll find that many mainstream brands, such as Walmart and Target, stock Sugar Daddy Candy.

Other Candies Like Sugar Daddy Candy If You Can’t Get Them

There are very few candies comparable to Sugar Daddy Candy. However, a few notable examples are Black Cow Bars and Pierrot Gourmand Caramel Lollipops.

If Sugar Daddy Candy is discontinued one day, it will be very hard to replace them.

Because there aren’t any other major brands that seem to be able to compete with them,

For now, be grateful that Sugar Daddy Candy is still widely accessible. 

Even now, you might find some difficulty in getting some because, as I said earlier, they aren’t as widely accessible as they once were.

You might find that everywhere online has all of a sudden sold out of Sugar Daddy Candy. 

Or you might be in a store right now, out of luck as no Sugar Daddy Candy appears to be stocked on the shelves. 

Well, don’t worry, as I do know a couple of candies similar to Sugar Daddy Candy. 

But before we get into them, know this! You can identify Sugar Daddy Candy alternatives yourself just by remembering what the nature of Sugar Daddy Candy is.

It’s a piece of delicious milk caramel on a lollipop stick. Simple right?

So if you’re looking to find a replacement, just look for other candies that are milk caramel on a lollipop!

Anyway, here are a couple of examples of similar candies to Sugar Daddy Candy that I know about.

Black Cow Bears

Although they are not lollipops, these are hard caramel bars covered in chocolate.

Some have said that they are like Sugar Daddy Candy but with that outer chocolate layer.

And, of course, without the lollipop stick as they are a bar.

But otherwise, their caramel mixture tastes fairly similar. 

Pierrot Gourmand Fresh-milk Caramel Lollipops

Yes, I’m afraid that Sugar Daddy Candy is so unique that to find an alternative, you might have to look at the gourmet options.

That’s where these delicious milk caramel lollipops come in with their own unique flavor!


Sugar Daddy Candy is one unique candy.

That’s why it’s so hard to find a replacement.

Luckily, you don’t need to, as Sugar Daddy Candy is here to stay…for now, at least!

So, if you’ve got one, ask your Sugar Daddy for some Sugar Daddy Candy.

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