Do They Still Make Skor Bars?

Not every candy survives as time goes on. Candies are often discontinued, which can be heartbreaking, particularly if said candy holds a special, nostalgic place in your heart. You’re here today because you want to know if this is the case for Skor Bars, a candy bar that first hit the scene in 1981. So, Skor Bars were made available quite a few decades ago, but do they still make them today? It’s time to find out.

So, do they still make Skor bars? They do still make Skor Bars and have consistently made them since 1981, when they were created by the Heath Company. Hershey’s acquired the Skor Bars brand in 1996 and has manufactured and distributed them ever since. Skor Bars are widely available from a variety of online specialist candy sellers.

Skor Bar

Best Place To Still Buy Skor Bars

Just want to know where to still get Skor Bars?

This is hands-down the best online store to do so:

Amazing news, isn’t it? 

So let’s delve deeper into their availability, including my recommendations for where it is best to get them!

Are Skor Bars Discontinued? 

Skor Bars are not discontinued, nor have they been at any point in their history. Skor Bars were originally created and produced by the Heath Company, but in 1996 Hershey’s acquired this brand. Since then, it has been Hershey’s who have manufactured and distributed Skor Bars.

Yep, it’s good news today as Skor Bars are well and truly still being manufactured and distributed to the mouths of Skor fans around the world. 

This milk chocolate candy bar, known for its crispy butter toffee center, is still manufactured and distributed by Hershey’s for you to enjoy. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into the history of Skor Bars to find out why some people might believe them to be discontinued.

As previously mentioned, Skor Bars were first introduced to customers in the states in 1981. The company that created Skor Bars was called the Heath Company.

It wasn’t actually until 1996 that Hershey’s got involved by acquiring the Heath Company and the production and distribution of their products, including Skor Bars.

Fun fact: Skor is Swedish for ‘shoes.’ Who knows why they decided on that name??

Anyway, back to the question. 

Skor Bars have not been discontinued, and they haven’t at any point in their history that dates back to 1981. 

They are still alive and well, being manufactured and distributed by Hershey’s.

Nothing has threatened their existence. Not low sales. Not controversy. Not anything. 

As long as a candy bar can keep bringing in sales, it’s set to continue its existence. This is the case for the delicious Skor Bars.

Where Can You Still Get Skor Bars?

You can still buy Skor Bars from Amazon, OldTimeCandy, and a variety of other candy sellers.

Now even though some candies manage to avoid being discontinued, they are still quite difficult to buy.

This is because some old candies that avoid discontinuation find themself being produced in much smaller quantities instead.

The consequence is that you’ll be left with fewer sellers to buy from and often at the expense of high delivery costs.

Fortunately, Skor Bars are not in a situation like the one I have just described. 

Skor Bars are widely accessible both online and in stores.

We are now going to take a look at some of the most notable sellers of Skor Bars.


If you’re looking for an old candy from your childhood, then it’s a safe bet that you’ll find it on

This is their area of expertise as they are an online retailer driven to provide their customers with their favorite nostalgic candies from many moons ago.

That would, of course, include Skor Bars. 

This is my favorite place to get them, and it is where I recommend you do too!


Amazon revolutionized consumerism many years ago now.

They performed such a revolution by possessing a variety of unique selling points that made them irresistible to consumers.

It is these unique selling points that also make Amazon a great place to buy candy, including, of course, Skor Bars. 

Firstly, Amazon sells pretty much everything. What they do sell, they also sell in many different varieties.

So, not only will you find Skor Bars on Amazon, but you’ll also find them in the various flavors and different forms they are manufactured in.

In the case of Skor Bars, they are available as a single bar size or a king bar size. 

Secondly, Amazon is great for bulk buying candy at fantastic money-saving prices. So you can get more Skor Bars for your buck compared to other retailers. 

Thirdly, their delivery speed is very quick.

Sure, you can’t just wander into an Amazon store to buy a Skor Bar, as you could with Walmart, but when it comes to online retailers, Amazon is the quickest.

And finally, Amazon is incredibly legitimate.

The company’s strict policies ensure that you can only buy from reputable sellers and verified merchants!

Other Sellers

Amazon and OldTimeCandy are not your only options.

Skor Bars are widely stocked by many other retailers. 

You could purchase Skor Bars directly from

You can get them from grocery stores, both in-store and online, such as Walmart, Target, and Kroger. 

There are other online retailers you could use, such as instacart, all city candy, and USA candy factory.

You can either purchase them from certain pharmacies, such as CVS.

Simply type Skor Bars into google, and you’ll be pleased with how many different purchase options there are for you when you’re looking to stock up on this beautiful candy.

Other Candies Like Skor Bars If You Can’t Get Them

The candies that are most similar to Skor Bars are Heath Bars. Daim Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats, Twix, Milky Way Bar, and Snickers are other alternatives.

Even though Skor Bars are widely accessible, you might be having trouble sourcing some. 

Maybe you live in Alaska.

Or maybe you’re in the store right now, and you are devastated to find that they don’t have any Skor Bars in stock.

What bar should I pick as an alternative? Well, I have a few in mind.

What’s important to remember is the nature of Skor Bars. They have an outer chocolate layer and a crispy butter toffee center.

So it would make sense to find candy bars with similar characteristics. 

Let’s take a look at seven popular alternatives to Skor Bars.

Heath Bars

The most similar to Skor bars, in fact, they’re very similar indeed.

Shaped as a thin, hard slab with a milk chocolate coating, and almonds Heath Bars are almost identical in terms of ingredients.

So much so that on taste tests, people have struggled to tell them apart!

Daim Bar

Whilst Skor Bars have a funny Swedish translation, Daim Bars are actually from Sweden. 

Daim Bars are very similar to Skor Bars both in terms of texture and taste. 

One feature that distinguishes Daim Bars from Skor Bars is the presence of crunchy almonds in their recipe. 

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Let’s be honest; any Reese’s product is a worthy alternative to any other type of candy.

The combination of chocolate and creamy peanut butter gives it a unique taste, but at the same time, this and its texture are comparable to that of Skor Bars. Not bad as a substitute, hey?

Kit Kat

The crispy wafer fillings and the smooth milk chocolate of Kit Kats mean they can be found to be similar to Skor Bars. Either way, your taste buds are going to have a party.


Another world-famous candy bar. Turns out there’s a lot of popular chocolate candy out there that is similar to Skor Bars. 

It’s no wonder, as Skors Bars were and are popular. It makes sense that they are found to be similar to some of the best chocolate candy brands in the business.

Twix and Skor Bars both share the fact that they possess crunchy cookie bases, creamy caramel fillings, and delicious chocolate outer layers.

For these reasons, you’ll find that Twix is fairly similar to Skor Bars both in terms of taste and texture.

Twix is regarded as having a sweeter taste compared to Skor Bars, but they’re still very similar.

Milky Way Bar

That creamy nougat center of a Milky Way Bar means comparison can be drawn with Skor Bars both in terms of taste and texture.

The Skor Bar is found to be crunchier than the Milky Way Bar. But that’s down to the presence of toffee in its center. 


Again, we’re seeing the same ingredients crop up.

Nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate create this enjoyable texture that Skor Bars share with a lot of chocolate candy, including Snickers.


Isn’t it crazy that Skor Bars have been around for over 40 years?

They’ve stood the test of time and competition, considering that the candy market is so competitive.

If you want to take a trip back to your childhood by indulging in some Skor Bar eating, then rest assured, you can do this pretty easily. 

Skor Bars are widely accessible across the web and stores in our country.

Just don’t ask why they are called ‘shoe bars’ in Swedish!

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