Do They Still Make Oh Henry Candy Bars?

Were you a huge fan of the peanutty, caramel fudge bars in rich milk chocolate that were Oh Henry? Do you want to relieve the taste of your youth and pick some up to have again? Well, that will only be possible if they are still being made. So today, that’s exactly what we are going to explore.

So, do they still make Oh Henry candy bars? They do not make Oh Henry candy bars anymore. Unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2019 by the manufacturer (the Ferrara Candy Company, for reasons not publicly announced or specified.

Oh Henry Candy Bar

You Might Still Be In Luck!

You can still find some Oh Henry candy bars on Amazon.

But Act quick; being discontinued, they won’t be available (or in date, forever!)

Why Were Oh Henry Candy Bars Discontinued?

Oh Henry Candy Bars may have been discontinued due to changes in consumer trends, a shift in focus from the Ferrera Candy Company towards other brands, supply chain or ingredient sourcing issues, among many other possibilities.

Lack of Interest/Sales

The decision to discontinue Oh Henry candy bars was most likely based on sales figures, which may not have met the company’s forecasts.

Change In Consumer Trends

Consumer trends may have also played a role in the decision to discontinue Oh Henry candy bars.

There has certainly been a shift to more health-promoting snacks; and Oh Henry candy bars were quite calorie rich!

Shift In Company Focus

The Ferrera Candy Company has a large product portfolio, and it’s possible that Oh Henry candy bars were discontinued to allocate more resources towards other brands.

Unknown Reasons

Finally, there may be reasons for discontinuing Oh Henry that we will never know.

These could include supply chain or ingredient sourcing issues or other business challenges that led to the decision to discontinue the product.

Where Oh Henry Bars May Still Be Available?

Now that we know that Oh Henry candy bars are no longer being made, the next question is – where could you still potentially find them?


One option is to check out online retailers like Amazon.

You can often find a variety of candy bars, including Oh Henry, and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Click here to visit Amazon and see if you are in luck.

Specialist Candy Stores (Physical and Online)

Another option is to visit specialist candy stores in your area.

These stores often have a wider selection of candy, and might even carry some rare or hard-to-find treats.

Easier still, would be running a simple Google search.

Unfortunately , you will likely find the dreaded “out of stock” message on most sites.

At least that has been my experience.

Alternatives To Oh Henry Candy Bars To Try Instead

Now, I know that not everyone is a fan of Oh Henry candy bars and nothing will replace the original.

But, if you’re looking for an alternative to try, here are a few suggestions:

Take 5

Take 5 Bars, made by Reese’s, are five layers of sweet and salty ingredients; crunchy pretzels, smooth peanut butter, salty peanuts and sweet caramel—all covered in a chocolaty coating.

These are an old and nostalgic candy too, but thankfully they do still make them.


This classic candy bar is similar to Oh Henry, with a nougat center, caramel, and peanuts, but with the addition of milk chocolate.

Baby Ruth

Another classic candy bar, Baby Ruth has a nougat center, peanuts, and caramel, but with the addition of chocolate-flavored coating.


If you’re a fan of the peanuts in Oh Henry, you might enjoy Payday, which is made up entirely of peanuts held together with a chewy caramel center.


So there you have it, Oh Henry candy bars are unfortunately no longer being made, and there are very few places to still find them.

But if you are a huge fan of the caramel, peanut and milk chocolate combination, there are always other delicious candy bars to try.

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