Do They Still Make Creme Savers?

Very few candies remind me of my Grandmother as vividly as Creme Savers do. I swear to you, every time I went around to visit as a little boy, I could be sure to find a pack of those inviting delights just sitting on the kitchen counter. The thing is, my story is not unique. Many, many people remember Creme Savers with great fondness and affection. They are, for so many, the candy of their childhood. Maybe this is also true for you. And that’s why you’re here today. To find out if you can still get your hands on a pack of Creme Savers. So, get ready, because I think I might have some very, very good news for you.

So, do they still make Creme Savers? They do still make Creme Savers. Back in 2011, Creme Savers were discontinued. But 10 years later, in August of 2021, Creme Savers were revived by Iconic Candy LLC with a little help from Mars Wrigley. They’re widely available at various stores, including specialist candy stores.

Creme Savers

Best Place To Still Buy Creme Savers

Just want to know where to still get Creme Savers?

This is hands-down the best online store to do so:

It’s unclear why Creme Savers was originally discontinued by their founding company, Nabisco. 

However, that doesn’t matter now!

Let’s look at some of the best places to get them!

Are Creme Savers Discontinued? 

Creme Savers are not discontinued…anymore. They were discontinued back in 2011 but have since been continued by a different candy-making company back in August of 2021.

Creme Savers was the hard candy of the late 90s and early 00s.

They were famous for their refreshing and delicious combination of fresh strawberries with cream. 

They also had the tasty orange and creme-flavored variety as well.

But I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t prefer that mouth-watering strawberry and creme-flavored Creme Savers.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the history of Creme Savers. 

Creme Savers were made available to candy lovers in 1996 by a company called Nabisco.

They were, in fact, a spinoff of Nabisco’s other product line called Life Savers. The difference was that Creme Savers were…creamy! They also didn’t have a hole in the middle of them.

For years, kids and adults across every stretch of land enjoyed these wonderfully creamy delights…

…until 2011, when they were discontinued. 

Why were they discontinued? Well, no clear reason has ever been given. When a candy is discontinued, it could be for a number of reasons.

The candy might not be bringing in enough sales, for example.

That’s mainly the main one which doesn’t make any sense as surely Creme Savers were performing well enough on the market for Nabisco to keep making them.

Then in some extreme cases, a candy might be discontinued because it is wrapped up in some sort of controversy.

Again, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Creme Savers, as they weren’t involved with any controversy at all.

So, it’s unclear why Creme Savers were discontinued, but what we do know is that they were discontinued. 

But in August of 2021, all of that changed. For we candy lovers would hear the greatest news in a long time. Creme Savers were going to be available to buy and enjoy once more.

How was this so? Well, we have a fantastic company called Iconic Candy LLC to thank for Creme Savers’ revival. 

Founded in 2012, Iconic Candy is a company that specializes in bringing those great nostalgic candies of the past back to life after they have been discontinued. 

Together, with help from Mars Wrigley, Iconic Candy successfully reformulated the original flavors of Creme Savers.

And as of August 2021, Creme Savers were once again available for the public to buy after a 10-year stint out.

But you know what they say? You can’t keep a winner down. And Creme Savers definitely are a winner.

Now I’m sure you’re already ecstatic about this news. Your mind is probably racing with one question, and I know exactly what that question is.

So, without further ado, let’s go on to the next section. 

Where Can You Still Get Creme Savers? 

You can pick up Creme Savers from OldTimeCandy, Amazon, Big Lots, and other various retailers.

Now calm down. Let’s just take a breath, ok? 

Yes, it’s excellent news that Creme Savers are alive and well. But now you need to find some to satisfy not just your sweet tooth but your cravings for nostalgia.

Fortunately, I know the best places to find Creme Savers. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the main sellers.

It’s no surprise that you can find Creme Savers at

After all, this is what this nostalgia-searching candy seller specializes in.

OldTimeCandy pride themselves on sourcing and selling the old candy of their and their customer’s childhoods.

It doesn’t matter how rare or how narrowly sold an old candy may be now; there’s a good chance that Oldtimecandy are stocking them.

This, of course, means that you can purchase packs of Creme Savers, in both flavors, online from OldTimeCandy.

You can also buy individual bags or a box of 12.

That’s why they are my favorite place to get them!


Amazon is known for selling everything and anything. And that means candy too. 

So, this obviously means that they stock Creme Savers. But make sure to keep tabs on Creme Savers, as they do sell out quickly every time Amazon gets a new batch in.

I often buy my Creme Savers and my other candy from Amazon for several reasons.

Number 1, I can get great bulk buys at excellent money-saving prices.

Number 2, I can get fresh Creme Savers delivered to my door very quickly. Amazon is known for being super fast with their deliveries.

And number 3, Amazon is the online eCommerce store for good reason. Their strict policies mean that you can only buy Creme Savers and other candy from reputable sellers and verified merchants!

So, whilst you can’t walk into an Amazon store to buy some Creme Savers, you can make a great money-saving bulk buy of Creme Savers if you’re prudent.

Big Lots

You can buy Creme Savers from Big Lots stores around the country.

An interesting fact to know is that Big Lots was the first store chosen to sell Creme Savers when they were recontinued back in 2021.

Other Stores

Fortunately, Creme Savers aren’t just sold at Big Lots now.

You can buy them from OldTimeCandy and Amazon, but there are plenty of other in-store and online retailers who will provide you with your Creme Savers fix.

A simple google search will help show as much, and a wander through most grocery stores, such as Walmart and Target, will also confirm the great accessibility to the revitalized Creme Savers candy.

Other Candies Like Creme Savers If You Can’t Get Them

Similar candies to Creme Savers include Campinos, Maynards, Diablos, and Sulas.

Creme Savers are now widely accessible, but for whatever reason, you still might find some trouble getting your hands on some. 

Perhaps you’re in a store now where there aren’t any Creme Savers, but you need the next best thing. Well, don’t worry, as I know a few candies which can help you out.

Now, Creme Savers are a hard candy.

There’s an abundance of hard candies in the market, but when finding ones that are similar to Creme Savers, you also need to look for that creamy feature.

So, here’s a small list of some of the best candies out there that are similar to Creme Savers.

Campino Yogourt & Fruit Hard Candies

These tasty candies are perhaps the most similar to Creme Savers in terms of taste, texture, and even appearance.

The key difference is that they are a combination of yogurt with fruit as opposed to cream with fruit. Nevertheless, you can draw clear comparisons between Campinos with Creme Savers.

Maynard Swedish Berries & Creme

Another very similar one is these Berries and Creme candies from Maynards. They, too, are flavorsome swirls of various berries and cream.

Key difference? Well, Maynards’ Swedish Berries & Cremes aren’t actually a hard candy. They are, in fact, soft and chewy.

But their appearance and taste mean that they can still easily be found as similar to Creme Savers.

Diablo Strawberry & Cream Candies

Another similar candy to Creme Savers comes from Diablo. You’ll find that there’s not too much to split these from Creme Savers.

However, one clear difference to note is that Diablo’s Strawberry & Cream Candies are, in fact, sugar-free! So here’s a nice healthy alternative to Creme Savers to pick out.

SULA Sugar-Free Strawberry and Cream Candies

And we finish with another healthy alternative to Creme Savers.

These UK-based candies are very tasty and similar to Creme Savers, but they’re also made from completely natural ingredients. Yes, they do include any artificial flavors at all.


So there you have it! After a 10-year break, Creme Savers are back for us old candy lovers to enjoy.

And I don’t doubt that Creme Savers will gain some new fans as they look set to stay for a while.

At least, I hope they are! I couldn’t bear to lose them again!

Neither could my Grandmother!!

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