Do Gummy Bears Have Different Flavors?

Gummy bears come in all different colors. So naturally, it can make us question whether they are supposed to be different flavors, too. Besides, if you’re like me, you may struggle to taste a difference! So, let’s answer this question once and for all.  

So, do gummy bears have different flavors? Gummy bears are designed to have different flavors, with different colors indicating a different taste. That being said, not all brands of gummy bears follow the same color/flavor pairing!

So ultimately, the only way to know for sure is through one of three options:

  1. Check for a reference of flavors on product packaging,
  2. Check with the manufacturer
  3. Or give each gummy a try and see if you can work it out yourself.

My favorite is the last one, of course.

Nevertheless, you still likely have questions, right?

And I’m going to be walking you through the intended color/flavor combination of Haribo gummies too.

So keep reading!

How Many Colors Do Gummy Bears Have?

There are six colors of Haribo gummy bears. However, there are more than ten colors if you include other brands.

This question is really interesting because it depends on where you live in the world, whether you love a vegan treat, and even which is your go-to brand of a gummy bear.

If we take a look at the iconic bag of gold bears by the brand Haribo for example, you can expect to see green, yellow, red, orange, white, and clear.

However, some other brands include purple, pink, and even blue. 

It seems that gummy bears truly love to be colorful and bright. 

Are Different Colored Gummy Bears Different Flavors?

Different colored gummy bears are in different flavors. Although color and flavor combination is not always the same across brands and products.

When we get to talking about flavors, this is where bears like to hold most of their surprises.

Whilst most bears do match the color with fruit, for example, orange is well, orange, and yellow is lemon, there are some gummy bears that are ready to offer you a little more than you bargained for. 

For example, Haribo green is actually strawberry, and the white bear is, in fact, pineapple. 

My mind was blown by that.

I have, of course, seen green strawberries before they ripen.

I can only imagine that the geniuses at Haribo did this in order to give us a little flavor surprise.

What Are The Different Flavours Of Gummy Bears?

Classic flavors for gummy bears include pineapple, strawberry, orange, cherry, raspberry, and lemon. Although, some brands also make gummies with blueberry, black forest, peach, and even prosecco flavors. 

On my travels down the gummy bear rabbit hole, however, I discovered something simply fascinating.  

There is a true range of flavors; again, it depends on where you are in the world.

It seems that if you have a need for a gummy bear in a certain flavor, then all you need to do is look hard enough and be prepared to pay the postage!

One comment that I did find from time to time when researching the internet was that some people simply didn’t think gummies tasted different. 

I even found the odd comment that people didn’t think they tasted of anything in particular. 

This took me by surprise, especially because I was munching my way through a small treat packet of Haribo gold bears at the time; how could people not taste the difference?  

Well, again, according to the internet, some people just can’t, though I suspect that it does not in any way spoil their enjoyment!

What Is The Most Popular Flavor of Gummy Bear?

The most popular flavor of gummy bears is apparently cherry, with orange coming an extremely close second. I found several passionate debates about the merits of lemon and even pineapple being the best. For me, it’s so terribly hard to decide, but I do think there is a case for grape. It certainly is my favorite.

Are Haribo Colors and Flavors the Same As Other Brands?

Haribo’s colors and flavors are not the same as other brands; each does appear to offer a different combination. 

It turns out that not all bears are created, or designed to be, the same. 

As I set about searching for other brands of gummy bears, I came across at least six independent brands.

So I decided a little shopping trip was in order and set off on my travels to buy a few. 

After all, I was truly in too deep at this point, and my curious mind had most certainly got the better of me.  

After sampling 6 different brands, I think I can honestly say that at least three were completely different in texture alone; some were harder and smaller. 

Adding to the fact that colors and ingredients varied, some most certainly tasted different.

Can Everyone Enjoy The Taste of Gummy Bears?

If you are vegetarian or vegan, then you need to make sure that your bears are suitable for you. They are often made with gelatine, so you will need to check the packaging or contact the manufacturer. 

The fantastic news is that I found several vegan-friendly brands, and so it does mean that no one misses out on these chewy bears.

Read more: Are Haribo Gummy Bears Vegetarian? • Or Vegan? •

Other Gummy Bear Flavors and Uses

There are actually other use cases for gummy bears, outside of just candy alone. This will naturally impact the texture and flavor.

You can purchase multivitamin gummy bears, for instance.

Some adults even soak gummy bears in alcohol for grown-up party treats.

A local wine bar near me even serves them on a stick to be popped into a cocktail. 

It seems gummy bears may be coming of age as people find more and more uses for them.

What Is The Best Way To Store Gummy Bears To Preserve Flavor?

The best way to store gummy bears to preserve their flavor is in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight. It could be in a cupboard or drawer. Some people like to refrigerate their gummies, although this does harden the texture.  

Can You Make New Gummy Bear Flavors At Home?

If you like the idea of making your own flavors of gummy bears, then there are lots of fantastic recipes on the internet.

However, my personal tried and tested recipe is below.


  • Gummy bear molds
  • A dropper
  • A bowl
  • A packet of Jello in whichever flavor you like
  • 1 tablespoon of gelatine OR ( equivalent agar agar powder for those that prefer a vegan treat.)


  1. Pour half a cup (118 MLS) into a saucepan and place on low heat.
  2. Break up your Jello and then add it to your pan.
  3. Add gelatine or agar and mix well until completely dissolved. Don’t boil.
  4. Remove from heat.
  5. Using the dropper ( I like to have a couple in case the mixture starts to set up ), drop the mixture into your molds.
  6. Transfer to the fridge and wait to set for 30 mins to 1 hour.
  7. Keep them in an airtight container to ensure they are fresh and ready for you to enjoy.


So there you have it.

Gummy bears do indeed have different flavors.

Well at least, they are designed to.

That being said, what color/flavor combination depends on the brand.

And whether you can taste the flavor or anything at all, well that’s something only you can find out!

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