13 Cotton Candy Gifts For Every Enthusiast

There’s nothing quite like cotton candy. This spun-sugar confectionary features in many of our prominent memories of childhood. That’s why it can make for a great gift! If you have someone in mind who will be sure to receive it, you are probably wondering what are the best options? Well, here are the recommended options!

Cotton Candy Express Machine

Cotton Candy Express Machine

What better gift than an express cotton candy machine (assuming they do not have one already.) This complete, and very affordable counter-top kit, comes with the machine, a scoop, and 8 striped cones. Everything you need to get started making cotton candy!

Cotton Candy Bags with Ties

These quality, durable cotton candy bags are the ideal storage solution. They are a great size (11 x 18″) and a good thickness, ensuring any cotton candy enthusiast can protect and preserve any cotton candy they make. They also look great so are fantastic for displaying too

Cotton Candy Bag Display Frame

Cotton Candy Display Frame

This sturdy metal display stand is the perfect solution for showcasing and even storing up to 26 bags of cotton candy. It is easy to assemble and easy to collapse (should you want to move or transport it). At a height of 24″, a width of 9″ and a 10″ base, its the perfect size too.

Cotton Candy Machine With Cart

If you’ve got the budget and are looking for a premium gift, this is undoubtedly the one to buy. This fantastic, retro-inspired commercial cotton candy machine lets you make as much cotton candy as you need in minutes. It is user-friendly, fun to use, almost silent in operation, and incredibly simple to clean. As it is made from premium materials, this durable machine will last. I love the draw it contains for storing tools (and cotton candy sugar), the wheels you can use to move it around, and all the extra functionality, like the in-built temperature control, locking clips, and rubber feet. If you have the budget, this would make for the best cotton candy gift.

Stainless Steel Cotton Candy Spoon

Cotton Candy Spoon

This 12-inch professional stainless steel spoon is ideal for collecting cotton candy when it is ready. It has an extended handle, is made from high-quality steel, and is easy to clean – ensuring proper hygiene is maintained. Plus it looks great too!

Cotton Candy Kit

Everything you need to make cotton candy (except for the machine). This gift set contains 100 cotton candy cones and 5 packs of assorted cotton candy sugar (in the following delicious flavors – blue raspberry, cherry, grape, pink vanilla and orange). In total, you can produce up to 60 cotton candy cones (12 of each flavor!)

Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy Pops

If you are looking for cotton candy-flavored lollipops, these are the ones to buy. In this box, you get 48 individual pink and blue swirled lollipops in the most desirable flavor of all!

Cotton Candy Sign

Cotton Candy Sign

Every cotton candy enthusiast needs a sign! This 12 x 8″ tin-metal design is perfect. You can hang it either vertically or horizontally from the 4 convenient holes pre-drilled into the corners. It’s ideal for many different places – and it is also weather-resistant and waterproof too should there be a need to hang it outside.

Gourmet Cotton Candy Taffy

This gourmet cotton candy taffy is a real treat. This 3oz jar provides a number of individually wrapped, soft, and tender taffies. It’s easy to wrap up and will be sure to go down well with any cotton candy fan!

Nostalgia Cotton Candy Flossing Sugar

If you are into making your own cotton candy, then you can never get enough sugar! This particular gift set is the one to buy. It contains three, 16 oz. bottles in grape, pink bubblegum, and orange flavors. You also get 96 cotton candy cones included too!

Monin Blue Cotton Candy Syrup

If you know of somebody who would want to add a taste of cotton candy to their beverages, then this bottle of syrup is what you need to get. You can even use it to make homemade ice cream!

Striped Cotton Candy Cones

These fun, colorful and eye-catching paper cotton candy cones are exactly what any cotton candy maker would be proud to serve in. You get 100 cones, all of which are robust while still being easy to manipulate and work with.

Cotton Candy Sticks

Cotton Candy Stick

An alternative to cones are sticks, and these ones in particular tick all of the boxes. Featuring a smiley bunny on the end, candy is easily hooked and made more stable. They are also reusable, easy to clean, do not break easily, and are a great practical size at 11″. They even serve other purposes – such as being used as a stirring stick!

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