Are Coffee Nut M&M Discontinued?

Coffee Nut M&Ms were one of my personal favorites.

I love coffee.

I love candy.

What a combination.

That crunchy peanut coffee flavor. Delicious.

But can you still get them? Are they still available?

Well unfortunately, I have some bad news…

Are Coffee Nut M&M Discontinued?

Coffee nut M&Ms have been discontinued, as confirmed by the manufacturer, Mars.

Even despite a petition and many signatures, it seems highly unlikely that they will ever come back to store shelves.

Can You Still Get Coffee Nut M&Ms?

You may still be able to get Coffee Nut M&Ms, though you will only be able to find pre-existing stock and product that was manufactured from 2021 and before.

This is why some candy stores may still have Coffee Nut M&Ms for sale.

Should you buy it?


Will it be the same?

Likely not.

It’s likely a little old.

It’s like at an inflated price.

Still, if you really want them for nostalgic reasons and are willing and able to take a chance, then you may still be in luck!

Do They Still Make Coffee Flavored M&Ms

They do still make coffee flavored M&Ms, with Caramel Cold Brew being the latest cofee-flavored product to be released by Mars.

These are coffee-flavored caramel surrounded by rich milk chocolate in colorful crunchy candy shells.

They’re a great alternative, so what you should perhaps try now instead.

You can get them on Amazon here, by the way.

Especially since your efforts to find coffee nut M&Ms will likely not prove fruitful. Or you’d need to spend a pretty penny if you did manage to find them.

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