Chocolate Skittles • Were/Are They A Thing? •

Are you a fan of Skittles? Have you ever wondered if they have ever made chocolate Skittles?

Perhaps you’ve even seen an image of chocolate skittle packaging and wondered if it’s genuine.

Or maybe you’ve heard a rumor or two online.

Either way, I’m here today to clear some things up!

Did They Ever Make Chocolate Skittles?

Believe it or not, chocolate Skittles were a thing! They were released in the early 2000s as a limited edition candy.

Chocolate Skittles were a departure from the traditional fruit-flavored Skittles that we all know and love. 

Instead, they featured a chocolatey outer shell with a creamy center.

The flavors included S’mores, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Pudding, Brownie Batter, and Vanilla Sundae.

Do They Still Make Chocolate Skittles?

Unfortunately, chocolate Skittles were only available for a limited time and are no longer produced by the Skittles brand. 

Why Were Chocolate Skittles Discontinued?

Cost of Production

Firstly, while Skittles are owned by Mars Inc (which likely gave them the means to produce them in the first place), the Wrigleys division of the company is responsible for skittles.

Wrigley produces various types of gum, Mentos, and Skittles. 

Now, the Skittles factory primarily creates chewy candy/gum and the corresponding fruity flavors. 

Introducing chocolate would necessitate an entirely new production process involving new machinery, which would be costly. 

Tastes Preferences & Brand Perception

Secondly, the perception of Skittles is of being sweet, light, and fruity. 

They are not associated with chocolate.

Hence, chocolate skittles likely generated sales and interest from a mere novelty perspective, but sales would unlikely continue.

Sales/Interest Was Not High Enough

Being limited edition, it is plausible that chocolate skittles were made for a short while to see how consumers would react.

It’s likely that sales were insufficient to justify the continued production or the increase in operating costs that this flavor would require.

Mars Inc. Doesn’t Need To Make Them

Thirdly, Mars Inc. owns various chocolate brands such as Milky Way, M&M’s, Twix, Snickers, and the Mars bar. 

By keeping their candy and chocolate product lines separate, they can focus on their high-performing brands without muddling the brand’s reputation or image.


While chocolate Skittles may no longer be available, plenty of other chocolate and Skittles products are out there for us to enjoy. 

By the looks of it, it just didn’t make sense for Mars Inc. to continue production beyond the limited edition period. 

What year did chocolate Skittles come out?

Chocolate skittles came out in 2008, but were shortly discontinued.

What happened to chocolate skittles?

Chocolate skittles were discontinued by Wrigley, the division responsible for their manufacturer under Mars, Inc.

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