Chamallows vs Marshmallow – What Is The Difference?

Have you recently stumbled across Chamallows? Are you wondering if these are just regular marshmallows or if there are any differences? Well today, you’re going to find out!

So, what is the difference between Chamallows vs. Marshmallows? Chamallows are a specific brand (Haribo) of marshmallow, whereas marshmallow can be made by various different manufacturers. Chamallows are also designed to have a somewhat different texture.

It’s like comparing Snickers and nutty chocolates bars.

One is a specific brand, whereas the other is a category, where there are various different options within.

It’s not a like for like example, but hopefully it can help demonstrate the point.

Let me continue to walk through the differences along with introduce you to other things you are going to want to know if you are considering them!

Are Chamallows Marshmallows?

Chamallows are a specific type and brand of marshmallows. They are known for being particularly soft, and fluffy and have a somewhat unique texture compared to regular or typical marshmallows.

As such, Chamallows are known for melting in the mouth, which is not necessarily the case with other brands of marshmallows.

There are also several different types of Chamallow products, of various sizes and for various audiences. As you can see here over on Amazon.

What Flavour Are Haribo Chamallows?

Haribo Chamallows are pink and white vanilla flavoured. They are in many ways, the same flavor that you would expect from most regular brands/types of marshmallow.

What Are Haribo Chamallows Made Of?

Haribo Chamallows are made of glucose syrup; sugar; dextrose; water; humectant: sorbitol syrup; gelatine and fruit, plant concentrate (beetroot and safflower) and flavouring.

Note: no artificial colors or flavors are used, but they are not suitable for vegetarians/vegans due to the use of gelatine.

Why Are Chamallows Called Chamallows?

Why Chamallows are called Chamallows is something only a very select few people who work for Haribo know – it’s not public knowledge or information. That being said, it is clear that the manufacturer wanted to differentiate from regular marshmallows, while keeping them sounding similar.

Chamallow is also easily memorable, so there is always that.

And of course, there is the familiarity aspect.

We all know what marshmallows are (in fact, most of us love them).

So, by adapting the name just a little, Haribo can leverage this will differentiating their product enough to make them sound like an alternative!


What are Haribo Chamallows?

Haribo Chamallows are a specific brand of marshmallow. They are known for having a somewhat different texture and are best used for barbecue toasting, chocolate fondue and candy lollipop creations.

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