Candy Floss vs Cotton Candy • What’s the Difference

Candy Floss and Cotton Candy. These two terms are widely used and often seen in popular culture. Perhaps you’ve seen reference to one or the other in a movie, maybe even on a sign. But what are the differences between them, exactly? Let’s find out!

So, what is the difference between Candy Floss and Cotton Candy? The difference between Candy Floss and Cotton Candy is a linguistic one. British People call it Candy Floss, whereas Americans call it Cotton Candy. There is no difference in the product itself; either the ingredients it is made from or how it is made.

It’s not the only word that has different names depending what side of the pond you are on.

Take the following as some examples.

British WordAmerican Word

But why do we have such differences in language – even though for the most part, the British and American language is very similar?

Well its all down to origins.

And interestingly, different words/spellings where used as a means of identity culture too.

A way for Americans to differentiate themselves.

Interesting, huh.

But back to candy floss.

Is Cotton Candy The Same As Candy Floss?

Cotton Candy is the same as Candy Floss; at least from a product perspective. They are made of same things (flossing sugar), made the same way (using a spinning machine) and they are typically eaten at similar times (e.g. at fun fairs, carnivals etc). However, they are referenced differently depending on where you reside in the world.

Where Is The Term Candy Floss Used?

Candy Floss is the term used in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Pakistan.

Other Terms Used For Candy Floss

Other terms for Candy floss include:

  • Fairy floss,
  • Spun sugar,
  • Sugar cotton wool.

Where Is The Term Cotton Candy Used?

Cotton Candy is used in North America (United States and Canada) and India.

Related Questions

Why is candy floss called cotton candy?

Candy Floss is called Cotton Candy due to the machine it is made from, and the original patent for it in 1921.

Do British people call cotton candy candy floss?

British people do call Cotton Candy ‘Candy Floss’

What do British people call cotton candy?

British people call Cotton Candy ‘Candy Floss’

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