11 Brilliant Candy Cane Gifts For Students

Who doesn’t love a candy cane more than a student? So, you want to pick up a gift for them right? But what is out there and what can you get them? Check out these ideal sweet ideas.

Brach’s Mini Candy Canes Tub

What’s better than 260 mini individually wrapped candy canes? Perfect for a small treat throughout the day, easy to store, and wrap up! These particular canes are also made with real peppermint oil; providing that authentic taste every candy cane enthusiast desires!

Brach’s Mini Candy Canes Tub

What’s better than a candy cane and oreo combination? This unique gift includes 12 oreo-flavored canes – perfect for anyone who love these cookies too!

Candy Canes Pencils

I think it’s fair to say that a student can never get enough pencils! So why not help them along the way with these 7 1/2″ long high-quality pencils.

YumEarth Organic Candy Canes

YumEarth Candy Canes

If you’re buying for an eco-conscious student who is also into their health and fitness – this could be the gift to get. These organic candy canes are also verified as Non-GMO, Vegan, and gluten-free.

Archie McPhee Shitake Candy Canes 

This fun box of Shiitake mushroom-flavored candy canes makes for a hilarious gift. You get 6 canes (around 5″) in mushroom-colored brown and white. They’re different and fun!

Archie McPhee Shitake Candy Canes 

Ketchup Candy Canes

Another interesting twist on the classic candy cane. This time, it’s ketchup! So if you know a student who goes crazy for the sauce, why not get them this gift set!

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Marshmellow Mix With Candy Cane Spoons

Candy Cane Marshmallow Spoon

Students need to unwind and relax. So why not help them on their way with this indulgent hot chocolate gift set. It comes with 12 individual packets of hot chocolate, marshmallows and 12 candy cane spoons.

ChapStick Candy Cane Lip Balms

Perfect for the colder months, these candy cane chapsticks can help keep any lip well moisturized. With the iconic aroma of peppermint, these small, portable, and useful sticks are thoughtful as they are fun.

Mentos Candy Cane Mint Candy Rolls

Mentos Candy Canes

Candy Cane mentos. A box of 15 individually wrapped packets. Does anything more need to be said.

Peeps Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallow Christmas Candy Chicks

These candy cane-flavored marshmallow chicks are quite simply delicious. You get 3 packs, all of which contain 10 peppermint-flavored chewy peeps. A great gift, and something a little different than you typical cane.

Ice Breakers Candy Cane Breath Mints

Icebreakers Candy Cane Mints

We all love to keep our breath fresh. And students are no different. In many ways, they’re probably keener! There are 8 individual tins in this box, all ideal for carrying on the go. Each contains the refreshing and sugar-free mint that are Ice Breakers. This time, however, you can expect the peppermint flavor.

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