Can You Use Normal Sugar In Candy Floss Machine?

Do you have a candy floss machine at home and are looking to whip up a new batch? Have you discovered you’re out of special candy floss sugar and wondering whether you can just opt for plain’ol granulated sugar instead? Perhaps you just want to save a few pennies. Maybe you’re just curious. Either way, you’ll be pleased you stopped by. Here is why.

So, can you use normal sugar in a candy floss machine? You can use normal sugar in a candy floss machine, but you are going to need to add flavouring/colouring too for taste and appearance. Consider that normal sugar does not tend to work as well as flossing sugar, either.

In other words, it’s certainly possible. It’s just not optimal.

Let us continue to explore why in the following sections.

Can You Use Regular Sugar Instead Of Flossing Sugar?

You can use regular sugar instead of flossing sugar, but you should expect inferior results. It will also require additional ingredients/additives if you are looking for your typical candy floss taste and color.

The truth is, most regular sugar is actually quite coarse.

This is particularly true for granulated sugar.

You’ll notice its actually quite a thick consitency.

The result?

Your candy floss will likely become a little clumpy once it is mixed in your candy floss machine.

In fact, it may even be challenging to spin, and your candy floss can come out kind of hard.

While flossing sugar is more expensive, there is a reason why it was designed and why candy floss vendors use this instead of regular sugar.

Besides, it does save on having to identify, find and buy food colourings and flavors too, along with measuring out the right amounts.

It’s generally much easier, and superior to opt for flossing sugar.

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Why Flossing Sugar Is Best

Flossing sugar is best because it is ready to use, and you do not require any other ingredients/additives – it has been pre-flavoured and pre-coloured. At the same time, flossing sugar is actually the perfect consistency to ensure the right texture and optimal candy floss appearance and quality.

If you are looking for one of the best brands, then I wouldn’t look any further than the U.S-based brand, Gold Medal.

They are in many ways the market leader of flossing sugar, and are unanimously favored by most.

Boo Bloo (Blue Raspberry) and Silly Nilly (Pink Vanilla) are the best flavors and colors, providing candy floss in their iconic blue and pink colors, respectively.

Each carton makes up to 60/70 cones/sticks, and it’s ready to use right away in a machine.

It’s conveniently available on Amazon, for a great price, too.

Gold Medal Flossugar-3.25Lbs./52oz.,BOO-BLUE,Blue Raspberry
  • Floss Sugar, Blue Rasp. Cotton Candy Mix 3.25 lb.


You can use regular sugar in a candy floss machine.

Should you?

Well, only if you cannot get your hands on flossing sugar and you have food colourings/flavourings to hand.

Otherwise you are going to get plain white candy floss that lacks that flavour depth we all love from this sweet confectionary treat!


Can you put sugar in a candy floss machine?

You can put sugar in a candy floss machine, although you will also need colouring and flavouring. It doesn’t tend to spin as well as flossing sugar.

What kind of sugar does a cotton candy machine use?

A cotton candy machine uses flossing sugar, first and foremost. This particular sugar is the right consistency and has been dyed and flavoured.

Can you make cotton candy with brown sugar?

You can make cotton candy with brown sugar, although it is recommended to mix it in with white sugar first. This is because brown sugar is naturally more moist and its difficult to get the right candy floss consistency without including white sugar too.

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