Can You Put Skittles In A Cotton Candy Machine?

Are you looking to up your cotton candy colors and flavors? Wondering whether you can add skittles to your cotton candy machine in order to do so? Besides, we all want to taste the rainbow. Well, I have some excellent news for you.

So, can you put skittles in a cotton candy machine? You can put skittles in a cotton candy machine, so long as your cotton candy machine is sufficiently warm and can melt each piece added. Nevertheless, skittles are a great way to introduce new flavors/colors to your cotton candy.

The best news, right?

But before you get your cotton candy machine out and begin adding skittles, it’s essential you know what your doing.

So, to make that process easier for you I’ve covered the process and included some of my top tips and tricks below.

How To Use Skittles In A Cotton Candy Machine

To make cotton candy with skittles, you first need to turn on your cotton candy machine and allow sufficient time for the machine to warm up (around 20 minutes).

From there, you simply need to measure out some skittles (around a scoops worth).

Then, simply pour the skittles into the central drum and allow the cotton candy machine to spin.

You will notice some of the skittles start to form on the edges of the drum, and then you can start to collect this on a stick or in a cone.

From there, either enjoy or place in bags for storage.

You will likely only get a small amount of skittle cotton candy at a time, and will need to add several scoops of skittles to get a sufficient amount.

Note: If making skittle cotton candy, you do not necessarily need to add flossing sugar. You can if you desire or you are looking for additional volume, but it is not required.

What Does Skittle Cotton Candy Taste Like?

Cotton candy made of skittles will taste very fruity and exactly like skittles, with a slightly different stringy texture.

Do consider that you can alter the flavor by either focusing on one skittle color at a time, or removing certain colors and flavors out.

Consider the following color/flavor combination of skittles to adjust accordingly:

  • Yellow – lemon,
  • Green – apple/lime,
  • Red – strawberry/raspberry,
  • Purple – blackcurrant,
  • Orange – orange

Also consider that there are different types of skittle products outside of their original flavors, such as sour skittles, which you can also try too!

What Candy Can You Put In A Cotton Candy Machine?

You can typically put hard candy in a cotton candy machine, so long as the machine is sufficiently warm and you place in an appropriate amount at a time.

Below, I outline some of the best other candy you can look to add to your cotton candy machine:

  • Mentos,
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Lifesavers
  • Spree
  • Charms
  • Cavendish
  • Altoids
  • Candy Drops

Essentially, if the candy is hard, you should be able to add it to your cotton candy machine.

That being said, the harder the candy, the more beneficial it would be to break it up first ahead of adding to your machine.

At the same time, the better your machine, the better it will be at melting larger quantities of candy at once.

So, if you have a cheaper machine, it is typically best to stick with softer candy, or flossing sugar exclusively.

Fruity candy tends to work best, too.


Can you put chocolate in a cotton candy machine?

You should not put chocolate in a cotton candy machine; it will not work and instead will clog the spinning head mechanism of your machine. However, it is possible to purchase chocolate flavored flossing sugar if you are after this particular flavor.

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